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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Relating phase field and sharp interface approaches to structural topology optimizationBlank, Luise; Farshbaf-Shaker, M. Hassan; Garcke, Harald; Styles, Vanessa
2016Relationship between temperature and apparent shape of pristine ice crystals derived from polarimetric cloud radar observations during the ACCEPT campaignMyagkov, Alexander; Seifert, Patric; Wandinger, Ulla; Bühl, Johannes; Engelmann, Ronny
2008Relationships between submicrometer particulate air pollution and air mass history in Beijing, China, 2004–2006Wehner, B.; Birmili, W.; Ditas, F.; Wu, Z.; Hu, M.; Liu, X.; Mao, J.; Sugimoto, N.; Wiedensohler, A.
2010Relative stability of multipeak localized patternsVladimirov, Andrei; Lefever, René; Tlidi, Mustapha
2015Relaxation times for atom dislocations in crystalsPatrizi, Stefania; Valdinoci, Enrico
2013Reliability of inference of directed climate networks using conditional mutual informationHlinka, Jaroslav; Hartman, David; Vejmelka, Martin; Runge, Jakob; Marwan, Norbert; Kurths, Jürgen; Paluš, Milan
2004Reliability of regional climate model simulations of extremes and of long-term climateBöhm, U.; Kücken, M.; Hauffe, D.; Gerstengarbe, E.-W.; Werner, P.C.; Flechsig, M.; Keuler, K.; Block, A.; Ahrens, W.; Nocke, T.
2016Reliable averaging for the primal variable in the Courant FEM and hierarchical error estimators on red-refined meshesCarstensen, Carsten; Eigel, Martin
2015Remote sensing of life: Polarimetric signatures of photosynthetic pigments as sensitive biomarkersBerdyugina, Svetlana V.; Kuhn, Jeff R.; Harrington, David M.; Šantl-Temkiv, Tina; Messersmith, E. John
2009Remote system for detection of low-levels of methane based on photonic crystal fibres and wavelength modulation spectroscopyCarvalho, J.P.; Lehmann, H.; Bartelt, H.; Magalhes, F.; Amezcua-Correa, R.; Santos, J.L.; Roosbroeck, J.V.; Arajo, F.M.; Ferreira, L.A.; Knight, J.C.
2010Removal of hazardous pharmaceutical from water by photocatalytic treatmentChoina, J.; Duwensee, H.; Flechsig, G.-U.; Kosslick, H.; Morawski, A.W.; Tuan, V.A.; Schulz, A.
2011Removing biofilms from microstructured titanium Ex Vivo: A novel approach using atmospheric plasma technologyRupf, S.; Idlibi, A.N.; Marrawi, F.A.; Hannig, M.; Schubert, A.; von Mueller, L.; Spitzer, W.; Holtmann, H.; Lehmann, A.; Rueppell, A.; Schindler, A.
2016Renegotiating Open-Access-Licences for Scientific FilmsBrehm, Elke
2020Replication and Refinement of an Algorithm for Automated Drusen Segmentation on Optical Coherence TomographyWintergerst, M.W.M.; Gorgi Zadeh, S.; Wiens, V.; Thiele, S.; Schmitz-Valckenberg, S.; Holz, F.G.; Finger, R.P.; Schultz, T.
2017Reply to Comment on 'High-income does not protect against hurricane losses'Geiger, Tobias; Frieler, Katja; Levermann, Anders
2018Reporting / KDSF und VIVOHauschke, Christian; Walther, Tatiana
2018Reports of coal's terminal decline may be exaggeratedEdenhofer, Ottmar; Steckel, Jan Christoph; Jakob, Michael; Bertram, Christoph
2012Representation of hysteresis operators for vector-valued continuous monotaffine input functions by functions on stringsKlein, Olaf
2010Representation theory of imprimitive of non-commutative association schemes of orderHanaki, Akihide; Zieschang, Paul-Hermann
2009Representations for optimal stopping under dynamic monetary utility functionalsKrätschmer, Volker; Schoenmakers, John