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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Jahresbericht 2006 // FZD, Forschungszentrum Dresden-RossendorfFZD
2016Joint dynamic probabilistic constraints with projected linear decision rulesGuigues, Vincent; Henrion, René
2014Joint Editorial "on the future of journal publications in hydrology"Blöschl, G.; Bárdossy, A.; Koutsoyiannis, D.; Kundzewicz, Z.W.; Littlewood, I.; Montanari, A.; Savenije, H.
2018Joint model of probabilistic-robust (probust) constraints with application to gas network optimizationAdelhütte, Dennis; Aßmann, Denis; Grandón, Tatiana González; Gugat, Martin; Heitsch, Holger; Henrion, René; Liers, Frauke; Nitsche, Sabrina; Schultz, Rüdiger; Stingl, Michael; Wintergerst, David
2006Joint project: Migration of actinides in the system clay, humic substance, aquifer - migration behavior of actinides (Uranium, Neptunium) in clays: Characterization and quantification of the influence of humic substances : final reportSachs, S.; Krepelová, A.; Schmeide, K.; Koban, A.; Günther, A.; Mibus, J.; Brendler, V.; Geipel, G.; Bernhard, G.
2012Josephson and tunneling junctions with thin films of iron based superconductorsSchmidt, S.; Döring, S.; Tympel, V.; Schmidl, F.; Haindl, S.; Iida, K.; Holzapfel, B.; Seidel, P.
2012K-triviality, Oberwolfach randomness, and differentiabilityBienvenu, Laurent; Greenberg, Noam; Kucera, Antonín; Nies, André; Turetsky, Dan
2014Kaolinite particles as ice nuclei: Learning from the use of different kaolinite samples and different coatingsWex, H.; Demott, P.J.; Tobo, Y.; Hartmann, S.; Rösch, M.; Clauss, T.; Tomsche, L.; Niedermeier, D.; Stratmann, F.
2009Katalysierte selektive Oxidation von Alkylaromaten mit Sauerstoff und H2O2 als Oxidationsmittel (SelOx) : AbschlussberichtMartin, Andreas
2009Kelvin probe force microscopy of charged indentation-induced dislocation structures in KBrEgberts, Philip; Bennewitz, Roland
2010Keratin homogeneity in the tail feathers of Pavo cristatus and Pavo cristatus mut. albaPabisch, S.; Puchegger, S.; Kirchner, H.O.K.; Weiss, I.M.; Peterlik, H.
2000Kernmagnetische Ordnung in Metallen mit starker Hyperfeinwechselwirkung : SchlussberichtPobell, Frank
2013Key concepts behind forming-free resistive switching incorporated with rectifying transport propertiesShuai, Y.; Ou, X.; Luo, W.; Mücklich, A.; Bürger, D.; Zhou, S.; Wu, C.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, W.; Helm, M.; Mikolajick, T.; Schmidt, O.G.; Schmidt, H.
2016Killing tensors on toriHeil, Konstantin; Moroianu, Andrei; Semmelmann, Uwe
2012Kinematic first-order calving law implies potential for abrupt ice-shelf retreatLevermann, A.; Albrecht, T.; Winkelmann, R.; Martin, M. A.; Haseloff, M.; Joughin, I.
2019Kinetic and spectroscopic responses of pH-sensitive nanoparticles: Influence of the silica matrixClasen, A.; Wenderoth, S.; Tavernaro, I.; Fleddermann, J.; Kraegeloh, A.; Jung, G.
2020Kinetic Control over Self-Assembly of Semiconductor NanoplateletsMomper, R.; Zhang, H.; Chen, S.; Halim, H.; Johannes, E.; Yordanov, S.; Braga, D.; Blülle, B.; Doblas, D.; Kraus, T.; Kraus, T.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H.I.; Riedinger, A.
2010Kinetic investigations on TiO2 nanoparticles as photo initiators for UV-polymerization in acrylic matricesSchmitz-Stöwe, Sabine; Becker-Willinger, Carsten; Bentz, Dirk; Abt, Britta; Veith, Michael
2014Kinetic measurements of the reactivity of hydrogen peroxide and ozone towards small atmospherically relevant aldehydes, ketones and organic acids in aqueous solutionsSchöne, L.; Herrmann, H.
2017Kinetic modeling studies of SOA formation from α-pinene ozonolysisGatzsche, Kathrin; Iinuma, Yoshiteru; Tilgner, Andreas; Mutzel, Anke; Berndt, Torsten; Wolke, Ralf