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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comment on 'Oxygen vacancy-induced magnetic moment in edge-sharing CuO2 chains of Li2CuO2'Kuzian, R. O.; Klingeler, R.; Lorenz, W. E. A.; Wizent, N.; Nishimoto, S.; Nitzsche, U.; Rosner, H.; Milosavljevic, D.; Hozoi, L.; Yadav, R.; Richter, J.; Hauser, A.; Geck, J.; Hayn, R.; Yushankhai, V.; Siurakshina, L.; Monney, C.; Schmitt, T.; Schmitt, T.; Roth, G.; Ito, T.; Yamaguchi, H.; Matsuda, M.; Johnston, S.; Málek, J.; Drechsler, S.-L.
2012Comparing climate projections to observations up to 2011Rahmstorf, Stefan; Foster, Grant; Cazenave, Anny
2017Estimating global cropland production from 1961 to 2010Han, Pengfei; Zeng, Ning; Zhao, Fang; Lin, Xiaohui
2013Decomposing the effects of ocean warming on chlorophyll a concentrations into physically and biologically driven contributionsOlonscheck, D.; Hofmann, M.; Worm, B.; Schellnhuber, H. J.
2017Continuous national gross domestic product (GDP) time series for 195 countries: Past observations (1850-2005) harmonized with future projections according to the Shared Socio-economic Pathways (2006-2100)Geiger, Tobias
2016Enhanced economic connectivity to foster heat stress-related lossesWenz, Leonie; Levermann, Anders
2015Decomposing uncertainties in the future terrestrial carbon budget associated with emission scenarios, climate projections, and ecosystem simulations using the ISI-MIP resultsNishina, K.; Ito, A.; Falloon, P.; Friend, A. D.; Beerling, D. J.; Ciais, P.; Clark, D. B.; Kahana, R.; Kato, E.; Lucht, W.; Lomas, M.; Pavlick, R.; Schaphoff, S.; Warszawaski, L.; Yokohata, T.
2013Consistent increase in Indian monsoon rainfall and its variability across CMIP-5 modelsMenon, A.; Levermann, A.; Schewe, J.; Lehmann, J.; Frieler, K.
2018Enhancing global climate policy ambition towards a 1.5 °c stabilization: A short-term multi-model assessmentVrontisi, Zoi; Luderer, Gunnar; Saveyn, Bert; Keramidas, Kimon; Lara, Aleluia Reis; Baumstark, Lavinia; Bertram, Christoph; de Boer, Harmen Sytze; Drouet, Laurent; Fragkiadakis, Kostas; Fricko, Oliver; Fujimori, Shinichiro; Guivarch, Celine; Kitous, Alban; Krey, Volker; Kriegler, Elmar; Broin, Eoin Ó.; Paroussos, Leonidas; van Vuuren, Detlef
2013Contribution of permafrost soils to the global carbon budgetSchaphoff, Sibyll; Heyder, Ursula; Ostberg, Sebastian; Gerten, Dieter; Heinke, Jens; Lucht, Wolfgang