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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Integrierte Abschätzung von Klimaschutzstrategien : methodisch-naturwissenschaftliche Aspekte ; Abschlussbericht, Dezember 2000 ; ICLIPSToth, Ferenc; Bruckner, Thomas; Füssel, Hans-Martin
2018Sources of uncertainty in hydrological climate impact assessment: A cross-scale studyHattermann, F. F.; Vetter, T.; Breuer, L.; Su, Buda; Daggupati, P.; Donnelly, C.; Fekete, B.; Flörke, F.; Gosling, S. N.; Hoffmann, P.; Liersch, S.; Masaki, Y.; Motovilov, Y.; Müller, C.; Samaniego, L.; Stacke, T.; Wada, Y.; Yang, T.; Krysnaova, V.
2016Projections for headwater catchments of the Tarim River reveal glacier retreat and decreasing surface water availability but uncertainties are largeDuethmann, Doris; Menz, Christoph; Jiang, Tong; Vorogushyn, Sergiy
2015Mitigation choices impact carbon budget size compatible with low temperature goalsRogelj, Joeri; Reisinger, Andy; McCollum, David L.; Knutti, Reto; Riahi, Keywan; Meinshausen, Malte
2015Multi-model climate impact assessment and intercomparison for three large-scale river basins on three continentsVetter, T.; Huang, S.; Aich, V.; Yang, T.; Wang, X.; Krysanova, V.; Hattermann, F.
2016Simulating the Earth system response to negative emissionsJones, C. D.; Ciais, P.; Davis, S. J.; Friedlingstein, P.; Gasser, T.; Peters, G. P.; Rogelj, J.; van Vuuren, D. P.; Canadell, J. G.; Cowie, A.; Jackson, R. B.; Jonas, M.; Kriegler, E.; Littleton, E.; Lowe, J. A.; Milne, J.; Shrestha, G.; Smith, P.; Torvanger, A.; Wiltshire, A.
2017Linking sea level rise and socioeconomic indicators under the Shared Socioeconomic PathwaysNauels, Alexander; Rogelj, Joeri; Schleussner, Carl-Friedrich; Meinshausen, Malte; Mengel, Matthias
2016Meteorological drivers of extremes in daily stem radius variations of beech, oak, and pine in Northeastern Germany: An event coincidence analysisSiegmund, Jonatan F.; Sanders, Tanja G. M.; Heinrich, Ingo; van der Maaten, Ernst; Simard, Sonia; Helle, Gerhard; Donner, Reik V.
2016National contributions for decarbonizing the world economy in line with the G7 agreementdu Pont, Yann Robiou; Jeffery, M. Louise; Gütschow, Johannes; Christoff, Peter; Meinshausen, Malte
2018Risks for the global freshwater system at 1.5 °c and 2 °c global warmingDöll, Petra; Trautmann, Tim; Gerten, Dieter; Müller Schmied, Hannes; Ostberg, Sebastian; Saaed, Fahad; Schleussner, Carl-Friedrich