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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A scaling approach to project regional sea level rise and its uncertaintiesPerrette, M.; Landerer, F.; Riva, R.; Frieler, K.; Meinshausen, M.
2013Can bioenergy cropping compensate high carbon emissions from large-scale deforestation of high latitudes?Dass, P.; Müller, C.; Brovkin, V.; Cramer, W.
2013Carbon footprints of cities and other human settlements in the UKMinx, Jan; Baiocchi, Giovanni; Wiedmann, Thomas; Barrett, John; Creutzig, Felix; Feng, Kuishuang; Förster, Michael; Pichler, Peter-Paul; Weisz, Helga; Hubacek, Klaus
2013Decomposing the effects of ocean warming on chlorophyll a concentrations into physically and biologically driven contributionsOlonscheck, D.; Hofmann, M.; Worm, B.; Schellnhuber, H. J.
2013Embodied crop calories in animal productsPradhan, Prajal; Lüdeke, Matthias K. B.; Reusser, Dominik E.; Kropp, Jürgen P.
2013Spatial decoupling of agricultural production and consumption: Quantifying dependences of countries on food imports due to domestic land and water constraintsFader, Marianela; Gerten, Dieter; Krause, Michael; Lucht, Wolfgang; Cramer, Wolfgang
2013Historic and future increase in the global land area affected by monthly heat extremesCoumou, Dim; Robinson, Alexander
2013Contribution of permafrost soils to the global carbon budgetSchaphoff, Sibyll; Heyder, Ursula; Ostberg, Sebastian; Gerten, Dieter; Heinke, Jens; Lucht, Wolfgang
2013Predictability of twentieth century sea-level rise from past dataBittermann, Klaus; Rahmstorf, Stefan; Perrette, Mahé; Vermeer, Martin
2013Climate change impact on available water resources obtained using multiple global climate and hydrology modelsHagemann, S.; Chen, C.; Clark, D. B.; Folwell, S.; Gosling, S. N.; Haddeland, I.; Hanasaki, N.; Heinke, J.; Ludwig, F.; Voss, F.; Wiltshire, A. J.