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Title: Pronounced ductility in CuZrAl ternary bulk metallic glass composites with optimized microstructure through melt adjustment
Authors: Liu, ZengqianLi, RanLiu, GangSong, KaikaiPauly, SimonZhang, TaoEckert, Jürgen
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Issue Date: 2012
Published in: AIP Advances, Volume 2, Issue 3
Publisher: New York : American Institute of Physics
Abstract: Microstructures and mechanical properties of as-cast Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5 bulk metallic glass composites are optimized by appropriate remelting treatment of master alloys. With increasing remelting time, the alloys exhibit homogenized size and distribution of in situ formed B2 CuZr crystals. Pronounced tensile ductility of ∼13.6% and work-hardening ability are obtained for the composite with optimized microstructure. The effect of remelting treatment is attributed to the suppressed heterogeneous nucleation and growth of the crystalline phase from undercooled liquid, which may originate from the dissolution of oxides and nitrides as well as from the micro-scale homogenization of the melt.
Keywords: Linear continuous time circuits; Macromolecular spectra; All optical networks; Delocalization processes; Conservation of momentum; Optical fiber testing; Francium; Conformal symmetries
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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