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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Polarization Calibration of the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)Schou, J.; Borrero, J.M.; Norton, A.A.; Tomczyk, S.; Elmore, D.; Card, G.L.
2013Si:P as a laboratory analogue for hydrogen on high magnetic field white dwarf starsMurdin, B.N.; Li, J.; Pang, M.L.Y.; Bowyer, E.T.; Litvinenko, K.L.; Clowes, S.K.; Engelkamp, H.; Pidgeon, C.R.; Galbraith, I.; Abrosimov, N.V.; Riemann, H.; Pavlov, S.G.; Hübers, H.-W.; Murdin, P.G.
2013The first SEPServer event catalogue ~68-MeV solar proton events observed at 1 AU in 1996-2010Vainio, R.; Valtonen, E.; Heber, B.; Malandraki, O.E.; Papaioannou, A.; Klein, K.-L.; Afanasiev, A.; Agueda, N.; Aurass, H.; Battarbee, M.; Braune, S.; Dröge, W.; Ganse, U.; Hamadache, C.; Heynderickx, D.; Huttunen-Heikinmaa, K.; Kiener, J.; Kilian, P.; Kopp, A.; Kouloumvakos, A.; Maisala, S.; Mishev, A.; Miteva, R.; Nindos, A.; Oittinen, T.; Raukunen, O.; Riihonen, E.; Rodríguez-Gasén, R.; Saloniemi, O.; Sanahuja, B.; Scherer, R.; Spanier, F.; Tatischeff, V.; Tziotziou, K.; Usoskin, I.G.; Vilmer, N.
2011The x-ray luminous galaxy cluster population at 0.9 < z ≲ 1.6 as revealed by the XMM-Newton Distant Cluster Project*Fassbender, R.; Böhringer, H.; Nastasi, A.; Šuhada, R.; Mühlegger, M.; De Hoon, A.; Kohnert, J.; Lamer, G.; Mohr, J.J.; Pierini, D.; Pratt, G.W.; Quintana, H.; Rosati, P.; Santos, J.S.; Schwope, A.D.
2014A multi-model approach to X-ray pulsars: Connecting spectral and timing models to pin down the intrinsic emission characteristics of magnetized, accreting neutron starsSchönherr, G.; Schwarm, F.; Falkner, S.; Becker, P.; Wilms, J.; Dauser, T.; Wolff, M.T.; Wolfram, K.; West, B.; Pottschmidt, K.; Kretschmar, P.; Ferrigno, C.; Klochkov, D.; Nishimura, O.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Caballero, I.; Staubert, R.
2014Luminosity dependent accretion state change in GRO J1008-57Kühnel, M.; Müller, S.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Fürst, F.; Pottschmidt, K.; Rothschild, R.E.; Caballero, I.; Grinberg, V.; Schönherr, G.; Shrader, C.; Klochkov, D.; Staubert, R.; Ferrigno, C.; Torrejón, J.-M.; Martínez-Núñez, S.; Wilms, J.
2014Magnetic fields of Herbig Ae/Be starsHubrig, S.; Ilyin, I.; Schöller, M.; Cowley, C.R.; Castelli, F.; Stelzer, B.; Gonzalez, J.-F.; Wolff, B.
2014Simulation of cyclotron resonant scattering features: The effect of bulk velocitySchwarm, F.-W.; Schönherr, G.; Kühnel, M.; Wilms, J.
2013Hot moons and cool starsHeller, R.; Barnes, R.
2014The Herbig Ae SB2 system HD 104237Cowley, C.R.; Castelli, J.; Hubrig, S.
2013Constraining the formation of the Milky Way: AgesChiappini, C.; Minchev, I.; Martig, M.
2013Differential population studies using asteroseismology: Solar-like oscillating giants in CoRoT fields LRc01 and LRa01Miglio, A.; Chiappini, C.; Morel, T.; Barbieri, M.; Chaplin, W.J.; Girardi, L.; Montalbán, J.; Noels, A.; Valentini, M.; Mosser, B.; Baudin, F.; Casagrande, L.; Fossati, L.; Aguirre, V.S.; Baglin, A.
2012Abell-35 phenomena in symbiotic stars: Discovery of 1.2 and 6.4 day periods in VV8 (V471 per)Munari, U.; Siviero, A.; Tamajo, E.; Fiaschi, M.; Dallaporta, S.; Cherini, G.; Frigo, A.; Castellani, F.; Graziani, M.; Moretti, S.; Tomaselli, S.
2011Measuring the cosmic webMüller, V.; Hoffmann, K.; Nuza, S.E.
2012BF Cyg during ITS current outburstSiviero, A.; Tamajo, E.; Lutz, J.; Wallerstein, G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15