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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Multi-static spatial and angular studies of polar mesospheric summer echoes combining MAARSY and KAIRAChau, J.L.; McKay, D.; Vierinen, J.P.; La Hoz, C.; Ulich, T.; Lehtinen, M.; Latteck, R.
2018Semidiurnal solar tide differences between fall and spring transition times in the Northern HemisphereConte, J.F.; Chau, J.L.; Laskar, F.I.; Stober, G.; Schmidt, H.; Brown, P.
2018Retrieving horizontally resolved wind fields using multi-static meteor radar observationsStober, G.; Chau, J.L.; Vierinen, J.; Jacobi, C.; Wilhelm, S.
2018A comparison of different solutions for the dynamic smagorinsky model applied in a GCMSchaefer-Rolffs, U.
2019Connection between the length of day and wind measurements in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at mid- and high latitudesWilhelm, S.; Stober, G.; Matthias, V.; Jacobi, C.; J, Murphy, D.
2019Atmospheric band fitting coefficients derived from a self-consistent rocket-borne experimentGrygalashvyly, M.; Eberhart, M.; Hedin, J.; Strelnikov, B.; Lübken, F.-J.; Rapp, M.; Löhle, S.; Fasoulas, S.; Khaplanov, M.; Gumbel, J.; Vorobeva, E.
2018Enhanced stratosphere/troposphere coupling during extreme warm stratospheric events with strong polar-night jet oscillationPeters, D.H.W.; Schneidereit, A.; Karpechko, A.Y.
2018Long-term wintertime trend of zonally asymmetric ozone in boreal extratropics during 1979-2016Schneidereit, A.; Peters, D.H.W.
2018Simultaneous observations of NLCs and MSEs at midlatitudes: Implications for formation and advection of ice particlesGerding, M.; Zöllner, J.; Zecha, M.; Baumgarten, K.; Höffner, J.; Stober, G.; Lübken, F.-J.
2019Thermal structure of the mesopause region during the WADIS-2 rocket campaignWörl, R.; Strelnikov, B.; Viehl, T.P.; Höffner, J.; Pautet, P.-D.; Taylor, M.J.; Zhao, Y.; Löbken, F.-J.
2018Solar and lunar tides in noctilucent clouds as determined by ground-based lidarFiedler, J.; Baumgarten, G.
2019Mesospheric semidiurnal tides and near-12 h waves through jointly analyzing observations of five specular meteor radars from three longitudinal sectors at boreal midlatitudesHe, M.; Chau, J.L.
2019Novel specular meteor radar systems using coherent MIMO techniques to study the mesosphere and lower thermosphereChau, J.L.; Urco, J.M.; Vierinen, J.P.; Volz, R.A.; Clahsen, M.; Pfeffer, N.; Trautner, J.
2019Enhancing the spatiotemporal features of polar mesosphere summer echoes using coherent MIMO and radar imaging at MAARSYUrco, J.M.; Chau, J.L.; Weber, T.; Latteck, R.
2019Can VHF radars at polar latitudes measure mean vertical winds in the presence of PMSE?Gudadze, N.; Stober, G.; Chau, J.L.
2019Statistical climatology of mid-latitude mesospheric summer echoes characterised by OSWIN (Ostsee-Wind) radar observationsPokhotelov, D.; Stober, G.; Chau, J.L.
2019Mesospheric anomalous diffusion during noctilucent cloud scenariosLaskar, F.I.; Stober, G.; Fiedler, J.; Oppenheim, M.M.; Chau, J.L.; Pallamraju, D.; Pedatella, N.M.; Tsutsumi, M.; Renkwitz, T.
2019A new description of probability density distributions of polar mesospheric cloudsBerger, U.; Baumgarten, G.; Fiedler, J.; Lübken, F.-J.
2019Simultaneous in situ measurements of small-scale structures in neutral, plasma, and atomic oxygen densities during the WADIS sounding rocket projectStrelnikov, B.; Eberhart, M.; Friedrich, M.; Hedin, J.; Khaplanov, M.; Baumgarten, G.; Williams, B.P.; Staszak, T.; Asmus, H.; Strelnikova, I.; Latteck, R.; Grygalashvyly, M.; Lübken, F.-J.; Höffner, J.; Wörl, R.; Gumbel, J.; Löhle, S.; Fasoulas, S.; Rapp, M.; Barjatya, A.; Taylor, M.J.; Pautet, P.-D.
2019Climatologies and long-term changes in mesospheric wind and wave measurements based on radar observations at high and mid latitudesWilhelm, S.; Stober, G.; Brown, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 800