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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020From Upstream to Purification: Production of Lactic Acid from the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid WasteLópez-Gómez, José Pablo; Unger, Peter; Schneider, Roland; Venus, Joachim
2020Organic fraction of municipal solid waste for the production of L-lactic acid with high optical purityLópez-Gómez, José Pablo; Alexandri, Maria; Schneider, Roland; Latorre-Sánchez, Marcos; Coll Lozano, Caterina; Venus, Joachim
2019Assessing the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes for the production of lactic acidLópez-Gómez, J. Pablo; Latorre-Sánchez, Marcos; Unger, Peter; Schneider, Roland; Coll Lozano, Caterina; Venus, Joachim
2020Role of Hair Coverage and Sweating for Textile Friction on the ForearmLyu, Jingchun; Özgün, Novaf; Kondziela, David J.; Bennewitz, Roland
2020Myxobacteria-Derived Outer Membrane Vesicles: Potential Applicability Against Intracellular InfectionsGoes, Adriely; Lapuhs, Philipp; Kuhn, Thomas; Schulz, Eilien; Richter, Robert; Panter, Fabian; Dahlem, Charlotte; Koch, Marcus; Garcia, Ronald; Kiemer, Alexandra K.; Müller, Rolf; Fuhrmann, Gregor
2020High glucose distinctively regulates Ca2+ influx in cytotoxic T lymphocytes upon target recognition and thapsigargin stimulationZou, Huajiao; Yang, Wenjuan; Schwär, Gertrud; Zhao, Renping; Alansary, Dalia; Yin, Deling; Schwarz, Eva C.; Niemeyer, Barbara A.; Qu, Bin
2020Graphene Enclosure of Chemically Fixed Mammalian Cells for Liquid-Phase Electron MicroscopyBlach, Patricia; Keskin, Sercan; de Jonge, Niels
2019Effect of densification variables on water resistance of corn cob briquettesOrisaleye, J.I.; Jekayinfa, S.O.; Pecenka, R.; Onifade, T.B.
2011Charge isomers of myelin basic protein: Structure and interactions with membranes, nucleotide analogues, and calmodulinWang, C.; Neugebauer, U.; Bürck, J.; Myllykoski, M.; Baumgärtel, P.; Popp, J.; Kursula, P.
2014Cytoskeletal transition in patterned cells correlates with interfacial energy modelMüller, A.; Meyer, J.; Paumer, T.; Pompe, T.
2013Discovery of 505-million-year old chitin in the basal demosponge Vauxia gracilentaEhrlich, H.; Rigby, J.K.; Botting, J.P.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Werner, C.; Schwille, P.; Petrášek, Z.; Pisera, A.; Simon, P.; Sivkov, V.N.; Vyalikh, D.V.; Molodtsov, S.L.; Kurek, D.; Kammer, M.; Hunoldt, S.; Born, R.; Stawski, D.; Steinhof, A.; Bazhenov, V.V.; Geisler, T.
2011Smart skin patterns protect springtailsHelbig, R.; Nickerl, J.; Neinhuis, C.; Werner, C.
2014Persistent effectivity of gas plasma-treated, long time-stored liquid on epithelial cell adhesion capacity and membrane morphologyHoentsch, M.; Bussiahn, R.; Rebl, H.; Bergemann, C.; Eggert, M.; Frank, M.; Von Woedtke, T.; Nebe, B.
2013Geometry-Driven Cell Organization Determines Tissue Growths in Scaffold Pores: Consequences for Fibronectin OrganizationJoly, P.; Duda, G.N.; Schöne, M.; Welzel, P.B.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.; Petersen, A.
2014Vinculin binding angle in podosomes revealed by high resolution microscopyWalde, M.; Monypenny, J.; Heintzmann, R.; Jones, G.E.; Cox, S.
2013Solar spectral conversion for improving the photosynthetic activity in algae reactorsWondraczek, L.; Batentschuk, M.; Schmidt, M.A.; Borchardt, R.; Scheiner, S.; Seemann, B.; Schweizer, P.; Brabec, C.J.
2013Tunable nano-replication to explore the omniphobic characteristics of springtail skinHensel, R.; Helbig, R.; Aland, S.; Voigt, A.; Neinhuis, C.; Werner, C.
2013Real-time image processing for label-free enrichment of Actinobacteria cultivated in picolitre dropletsZang, E.; Brandes, S.; Tovar, M.; Martin, K.; Mech, F.; Horbert, P.; Henkel, T.; Figge, M.T.; Roth, M.
2014Interaction between immobilized polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles and human mesenchymal stromal cellsWoltmann, B.; Torger, B.; Müller, M.; Hempel, U.
2014In vitro pre-vascularisation of tissue-engineered constructs A co-culture perspectiveBaldwin, J.; Antille, M.; Bonda, U.; De-Juan-Pardo, E.M.; Khosrotehrani, K.; Ivanovski, S.; Petcu, E.B.; Hutmacher, D.W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 104