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Title: Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in the Heusler alloy Co2TiSi/GaAs(001) hybrid structure
Authors: Dau, M. T.Jenichen, B.Herfort, J.
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Issue Date: 2015
Published in: AIP Advances, Volume 5, Issue 5
Publisher: New York : American Institute of Physics
Abstract: Investigation of the thickness dependence of the magnetic anisotropy in B2-type Co2TiSi films on GaAs(001), shows a pronounced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy at 10 K for thicknesses up to 13.5 nm. We have evidenced that the interfacial anisotropy induced by interface clusters has a strong influence on the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of this hybrid structure, especially at temperatures lower than the blocking temperature of the clusters (28 K). However, as this influence can be ruled out at higher temperatures, the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy which is found to persist up to room-temperature can be ascribed to the magnetic properties of the Co2TiSi films. For thicknesses larger than 15.0 nm, we observe an alignment of the magnetic easy axis parallel to the sample surface, which is most likely due to the shape anisotropy and the film structure.
Keywords: Magnetic films; Magnetic anisotropy; Carbon dioxide; Thin film structure; Semiconductor growth
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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