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Title: Momentum-resolved superconducting gap in the bulk of Ba1-xK xFe2As2 from combined ARPES and μSR measurements
Authors: Evtushinsky, D. V.Inosov, D. S.Zabolotnyy, V. B.Viazovska, M. S.Khasanov, R.Amato, A.Klauss, H.-H.Luetkens, H.Niedermayer, Ch.Sun, G. L.Hinkov, V.Lin, C. T.Varykhalov, A.Koitzsch, A.Knupfer, M.Büchner, B.Kordyuk, A. A.Borisenko, S. V.
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Issue Date: 2009
Published in: New Journal of Physics, Volume 11
Publisher: Milton Park : Taylor & Francis
Abstract: Here we present a calculation of the temperature-dependent London penetration depth, λ(T), in Ba1-xKxFe 2As2 (BKFA) on the basis of the electronic band structure (Zabolotnyy et al 2009 Nature 457 569, Zabolotnyy et al 2009 Physica C 469 448) and momentum-dependent superconducting gap (Evtushinsky et al 2009 Phys. Rev. B 79 054517) extracted from angleresolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) data. The results are compared to the direct measurements of λ(T) by muon spin rotation (μSR) (Khasanov et al 2009 Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 187005). The value of λ(T = 0), calculated with no adjustable parameters, equals 270 nm, while the directly measured one is 320 nm; the temperature dependence λ(T) is also easily reproduced. Such agreement between the two completely different approaches allows us to conclude that ARPES studies of BKFA are bulk-representative. Our review of the available experimental studies of the superconducting gap in the new ironbased superconductors in general allows us to state that most of them bear two nearly isotropic gaps with coupling constants 2ΔkBTc = 2.5±1.5 and 7±2.
Keywords: Adjustable parameters; Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy; Coupling constants; Direct measurement; Electronic band structure; Experimental studies; Iron-based; Isotropic gaps; London penetration depth; Momentum-dependent; Muon spin rotation; Superconducting gaps; Temperature dependence; Temperature dependent
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License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported
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