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Title: Electric-field control of surface magnetic anisotropy: A density functional approach
Authors: Zhang, HongbinRichter, ManuelKoepernik, KlausOpahle, IngoTasnádi, FerencEschrig, Helmut
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Issue Date: 2009
Published in: New Journal of Physics, Volume 11
Publisher: Milton Park : Taylor & Francis
Abstract: In a recent experiment, Weisheit et al (2007 Science 315 349) demonstrated that the coercivity of thin L10 FePt and FePd films can be modified by the external electric field in an electrochemical environment. Here, this observation is confirmed by density functional calculations for the intrinsic magnetic anisotropy. The origin of the effect is clarified by means of a general and simple method to simulate charged metal surfaces. It is predicted that the coercivity of thin CoPt films is much more susceptible to electric field than that of FePt films.
Keywords: A densities; Coercivity; Density-functional calculations; Electric-field controls; Electrochemical environments; External electric fields; FePt films; Metal surfaces; Simple methods
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License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported
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