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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-25OJS - Orcid IntegrationWithanage, Dulip
2020Transforming the study of organisms: Phenomic data models and knowledge basesThessen, Anne E.; Walls, Ramona L.; Vogt, Lars; Singer, Jessica; Warren, Robert; Buttigieg, Pier Luigi; Balhoff, James P.; Mungall, Christopher J.; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Stucky, Brian J.; Yoder, Matthew J.; Haendel, Melissa A.
2020A multi-method psychometric assessment of the affinity for technology interaction (ATI) scaleLezhnina, Olga; Kismihók, Gábor
2012Order patterns networks (orpan) - A method to estimate time-evolving functional connectivity from multivariate time seriesSchinkel, S.; Zamora-López, G.; Dimigen, O.; Sommer, W.; Kurths, J.
2012Synchronization of Time-Delay Chaotic System in Presence of NoiseLei, M.; Peng, H.-P.; Yang, C.-Y.; Li, L.-X.
2011Statistical parametric maps for functional MRI experiments in R: The package fmriTabelow, K.; Polzehl, J.
2009GALS for Bursty Data Transfer based on Clock CouplingKrstić, M.; Fan, X.; Grass, E.; Gürkaynak, F.K.
2012Identifying controlling nodes in neuronal networks in different scalesTang, Y.; Gao, H.; Zou, W.; Kurths, J.
2012Communication activity in a social network: Relation between long-term correlations and inter-event clusteringRybski, D.; Buldyrev, S.V.; Havlin, S.; Liljeros, F.; Makse, H.A.
2011Supermodeling by combining imperfect modelsSelten, F.M.; Duane, G.S.; Wiegerinck, W.; Keenlyside, N.; Kurths, J.; Kocarev, L.
2012Digital IIR filters design using differential evolution algorithm with a controllable probabilistic population sizeZhu, W.; Fang, J.-A.; Tang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Du, W.
2012How people interact in evolving online affiliation networksGallos, L.K.; Rybski, D.; Liljeros, F.; Havlin, S.; Makse, H.A.
2018Web-based access, aggregation, and visualization of future climate projections with emphasis on agricultural assessmentsVilloria, N.B.; Elliott, J.; Müller, C.; Shin, J.; Zhao, L.; Song, C.
2011Compomics-utilities: An open-source Java library for computational proteomicsBarsnes, Harald; Vaudel, Marc; Colaert, Niklaas; Helsens, Kenny; Sickmann, Albert; Berven, Frode S.; Martens, Lennart
2011ISense: A portable ultracold-atom-based gravimeterde Angelis, M.; Angonin, M. C.; Beaufils, Q.; Becker, Ch.; Bertoldi, A.; Bongs, K.; Bourdel, T.; Bouyer, P.; Boyer, V.; Dörscher, S.; Duncker, H.; Ertmer, W.; Fernholz, T.; Fromhold, T. M.; Herr, W.; Krüger, P.; Kürbis, Ch.; Mellor, C. J.; Pereira Dos Santos, F.; Peters, A.; Poli, N.; Popp, M.; Prevedelli, M.; Rasel, E. M.; Rudolph, J.; Schreck, F.; Sengstock, K.; Sorrentino, F.; Stellmer, S.; Tino, G. M.; Valenzuela, T.; Wendrich, T. J.; Wicht, A.; Windpassinger, P.; Wolf, P.
2015RADAR-Team stellt Testsystem auf zweitem Projekt-Workshop in Frankfurt vorPotthoff, Jan; Razum, Matthias; Kraft, Angelina
2014The quest for research informationBlümel, Ina; Dietze, Stefan; Heller, Lambert; Jäschke, Robert; Mehlberg, Martin
2011Efficient retrieval of 3D building models using embeddings of attributed subgraphsWessel, R.; Ochmann, S.; Vock, R.; Blümel, Ina; Klein, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18