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Titel: CUDe — Carbon utilization degree as an indicator for sustainable biomass use
Autor(en): Anja Hansen, Anja HansenBudde, JörnKaratay, Yusuf NadiProchnow, Annette
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Publiziert in: Sustainability, Volume 8, Issue 10
Verlag: Basel : MDPI
Abstract: Carbon (C) is a central element in organic compounds and is an indispensable resource for life. It is also an essential production factor in bio-based economies, where biomass serves many purposes, including energy generation and material production. Biomass conversion is a common case of transformation between different carbon-containing compounds. At each transformation step, C might be lost. To optimize the C use, the C flows from raw materials to end products must be understood. The estimation of how much of the initial C in the feedstock remains in consumable products and delivers services provides an indication of the C use efficiency. We define this concept as Carbon Utilization Degree (CUDe) and apply it to two biomass uses: biogas production and hemp insulation. CUDe increases when conversion processes are optimized, i.e., residues are harnessed and/or losses are minimized. We propose CUDe as a complementary approach for policy design to assess C as an asset for bio-based production. This may lead to a paradigm shift to see C as a resource that requires sustainable exploitation. It could complement the existing methods that focus solely on the climate impact of carbon.
Schlagwörter: Bio-economy; bioenergy; biogas; biomass; carbon efficiency; climate change; natural fibers; policy decision support; productivity; transformation
DDC: 630
Lizenz: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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