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Title: Photoactivatable Hsp47: A tool to control and regulate collagen secretion & assembly
Authors: Khan, EssakSankaran, ShrikrishnanPaez, JulietaMuth, ChristinaHan, Mitchelldel Campo, Aránzazu
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Issue Date: 2018
Published in: ChemRxiv
Publisher: ChemRxiv
Abstract: Hsp47 is a chaperone protein with a fundamental role in the folding, stability and intracellular transport of procollagen triple helices. A light-responsive Hsp47 recombinant protein, engineered to control in situ the production and assembly of cellular collagen is here demonstrated. This novel light-driven tool enables unprecedented fundamental studies of collagen biosynthesis and associated diseases.
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License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Unported
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