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Title: Impact of the precursor chemistry and process conditions on the cell-to-cell variability in 1T-1R based HfO2 RRAM devices
Authors: Grossi, A.Perez, E.Zambelli, C.Olivo, P.Miranda, E.Roelofs, R.Woodruff, J.Raisanen, P.Li, W.Givens, M.Costina, I.Schubert, M.A.Wenger, C.
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Issue Date: 2018
Published in: Scientific Reports Vol. 8 (2018), No. 1
Publisher: London : Nature Publishing Group
Abstract: The Resistive RAM (RRAM) technology is currently in a level of maturity that calls for its integration into CMOS compatible memory arrays. This CMOS integration requires a perfect understanding of the cells performance and reliability in relation to the deposition processes used for their manufacturing. In this paper, the impact of the precursor chemistries and process conditions on the performance of HfO2 based memristive cells is studied. An extensive characterization of HfO2 based 1T1R cells, a comparison of the cell-to-cell variability, and reliability study is performed. The cells’ behaviors during forming, set, and reset operations are monitored in order to relate their features to conductive filament properties and process-induced variability of the switching parameters. The modeling of the high resistance state (HRS) is performed by applying the Quantum-Point Contact model to assess the link between the deposition condition and the precursor chemistry with the resulting physical cells characteristics.
Keywords: article; chemistry; controlled study; precursor; reliability; algorithm; chemistry; crystallization; data storage device; electric conductivity; heat; impedance; microelectromechanical system; theoretical model; transistor; transmission electron microscopy; X ray diffraction; X ray photoemission spectroscopy; carbon; hafnium; hafnium oxide; oxide; oxygen; Algorithms; Carbon; Computer Storage Devices; Crystallization; Electric Conductivity; Electric Impedance; Hafnium; Hot Temperature; Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems; Microscopy, Electron, Transmission; Models, Theoretical; Oxides; Oxygen; Photoelectron Spectroscopy; Transistors, Electronic; X-Ray Diffraction
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