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Title: Universal scaling behavior of the upper critical field in strained FeSe0.7Te0.3 thin films
Authors: Yuan, F.Grinenko, V.Iida, K.Richter, S.Pukenas, A.Skrotzki, W.Sakoda, M.Naito, M.Sala, A.Putti, M.Yamashita, A.Takano, Y.Shi, Z.Nielsch, K.Hühne, R.
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Issue Date: 2018
Published in: New Journal of Physics Vol. 20 (2018), No. 9
Publisher: Bristol : Institute of Physics Publishing
Abstract: Revealing the universal behaviors of iron-based superconductors (FBS) is important to elucidate the microscopic theory of superconductivity. In this work, we investigate the effect of in-plane strain on the slope of the upper critical field H c2 at the superconducting transition temperature T c (i.e. -dH c2/dT) for FeSe0.7Te0.3 thin films. The in-plane strain tunes T c in a broad range, while the composition and disorder are almost unchanged. We show that -dH c2/dT scales linearly with T c, indicating that FeSe0.7Te0.3 follows the same universal behavior as observed for pnictide FBS. The observed behavior is consistent with a multiband superconductivity paired by interband interaction such as sign change s ± superconductivity.
Keywords: Iron compounds; Selenium compounds; Single crystals; Strain; Superconducting films; Superconducting transition temperature; Technetium; Tellurium compounds; Thin films; Effect of In; In-plane strains; Microscopic theory; Multiband superconductivity; Sign-change; Universal behaviors; Universal scaling; Upper critical fields; Iron-based Superconductors; Fe-based superconductors; thin film; upper critical fields
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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