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Title: Holographic vector field electron tomography of three-dimensional nanomagnets
Authors: Wolf, D.Biziere, N.Sturm, S.Reyes, D.Wade, T.Niermann, T.Krehl, J.Warot-Fonrose, B.Büchner, B.Snoeck, E.Gatel, C.Lubk, A.
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Issue Date: 2019
Published in: Communications Physics Vol. 2 (2019), No. 1
Publisher: London : Nature Publishing Group
Abstract: Complex 3D magnetic textures in nanomagnets exhibit rich physical properties, e.g., in their dynamic interaction with external fields and currents, and play an increasing role for current technological challenges such as energy-efficient memory devices. To study these magnetic nanostructures including their dependency on geometry, composition, and crystallinity, a 3D characterization of the magnetic field with nanometer spatial resolution is indispensable. Here we show how holographic vector field electron tomography can reconstruct all three components of magnetic induction as well as the electrostatic potential of a Co/Cu nanowire with sub 10 nm spatial resolution. We address the workflow from acquisition, via image alignment to holographic and tomographic reconstruction. Combining the obtained tomographic data with micromagnetic considerations, we derive local key magnetic characteristics, such as magnetization current or exchange stiffness, and demonstrate how magnetization configurations, such as vortex states in the Co-disks, depend on small structural variations of the as-grown nanowire.
Keywords: Crystallinity; Electric impedance tomography; Energy efficiency; Holography; Image resolution; Magnetization; Nanomagnetics; Nanowires; Textures; Electrostatic potentials; Magnetic characteristic; Magnetic nanostructures; Magnetization configuration; Magnetization currents; Structural variations; Technological challenges; Tomographic reconstruction; Image reconstruction
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License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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