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Title: Shape-adaptive single-molecule magnetism and hysteresis up to 14 K in oxide clusterfullerenes Dy2O@C72 and Dy2O@C74 with fused pentagon pairs and flexible Dy-(μ2-O)-Dy angle
Authors: Velkos, G.Yang, W.Yao, Y.-R.Sudarkova, S.M.Liu, X.Büchner, B.Avdoshenko, S.M.Chen, N.Popov, A.A.
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Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Chemical Science Vol. 11 (2020), No. 18
Publisher: Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry
Abstract: Dysprosium oxide clusterfullerenes Dy2O@Cs(10528)-C72 and Dy2O@C2(13333)-C74 are synthesized and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Carbon cages of both molecules feature two adjacent pentagon pairs. These pentalene units determine positions of endohedral Dy ions hence the shape of the Dy2O cluster, which is bent in Dy2O@C72 but linear in Dy2O@C74. Both compounds show slow relaxation of magnetization and magnetic hysteresis. Nearly complete cancelation of ferromagnetic dipolar and antiferromagnetic exchange Dy⋯Dy interactions leads to unusual magnetic properties. Dy2O@C74 exhibits zero-field quantum tunneling of magnetization and magnetic hysteresis up to 14 K, the highest temperature among Dy-clusterfullerenes.
Keywords: Magnetic hysteresis; Magnetization; Molecules; Single crystals; Antiferromagnetic exchange; Clusterfullerenes; Dysprosium oxide; Highest temperature; Quantum tunneling of magnetization; Single crystal x-ray diffraction; Single molecule; Slow relaxations; Dysprosium compounds
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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