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Title: Stabilization of the ζ-Cu10Sn3 Phase by Ni at Soldering-Relevant Temperatures
Authors: Wieser, C.Hügel, W.Martin, S.Freudenberger, J.Leineweber, A.
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Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Journal of Electronic Materials Vol. 49 (2020), No. 6
Publisher: Heidelberg : Springer Verlag
Abstract: A current issue in electrical engineering is the enhancement of the quality of solder joints. This is mainly associated with the ongoing electrification of transportation as well as the miniaturization of (power) electronics. For the reliability of solder joints, intermetallic phases in the microstructure of the solder are of great importance. The formation of the intermetallic phases in the Cu-Sn solder system was investigated for different annealing temperatures between 472 K and 623 K using pure Cu as well as Cu-1at.%Ni and Cu-3at.%Ni substrate materials. These are relevant for lead frame materials in electronic components. The Cu and Cu-Ni alloys were in contact to galvanic plated Sn. This work is focused on the unexpected formation of the hexagonal ζ-(Cu,Ni)10Sn3 phase at annealing temperatures of 523–623 K, which is far below the eutectoid decomposition temperature of binary ζ-Cu10Sn3 of about 855 K. By using scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, electron backscatter diffraction and X-ray diffraction the presence of the ζ phase was confirmed and its structural properties were analyzed.
Keywords: Cu-Ni-Sn compounds; Intermetallic phases; soldering; x-ray diffraction; Binary alloys; Copper alloys; Copper compounds; Energy dispersive spectroscopy; Intermetallics; Nickel alloys; Nickel compounds; Scanning electron microscopy; Soldering; Ternary alloys; Tin alloys; Tin compounds; X ray diffraction; Annealing temperatures; Cu -Ni alloys; Electron back scatter diffraction; Electronic component; Energy dispersive X ray spectroscopy; Eutectoid decomposition; Intermetallic phasis; Lead frame materials; Lead-free solders
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