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Title: High temperature behavior of rual thin films on piezoelectric CTGS and LGS substrates
Authors: Seifert, M.
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Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Materials Vol. 13 (2020), No. 7
Publisher: Basel : MDPI AG
Abstract: This paper reports on a significant further improvement of the high temperature stability of RuAl thin films (110 nm) on the piezoelectric Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 (CTGS) and La3Ga5SiO14 (LGS) substrates. RuAl thin films with AlN or SiO2 cover layers and barriers to the substrate (each 20 nm), as well as a combination of both were prepared on thermally oxidized Si substrates, which serve as a reference for fundamental studies, and the piezoelectric CTGS, as well as LGS substrates. In somefilms, additional Al layers were added. To study their high temperature stability, the samples were annealed in air and in high vacuum up to 900 °C, and subsequently their cross-sections, phase formation, film chemistry, and electrical resistivity were analyzed. It was shown that on thermally oxidized Si substrates, all films were stable after annealing in air up to 800 °C and in high vacuum up to 900 °C. The high temperature stability of RuAl thin films on CTGS substrates was improved up to 900 °C in high vacuum by the application of a combined AlN/SiO2 barrier layer and up to 800 °C in air using a SiO2 barrier. On LGS, the films were only stable up to 600 °C in air; however, a single SiO2 barrier layer was sufficient to prevent oxidation during annealing at 900 °C in high vacuum.
Keywords: CTGS; High temperature stability; Interdigital transducer material; LGS; RuAl; SAW sensors; Thin films; Acoustic surface wave devices; Aluminum nitride; Annealing; Binary alloys; Calcium compounds; Chemical analysis; III-V semiconductors; Oxidation; Piezoelectricity; Silica; Silicon; Stability; Substrates; Tantalum compounds; Thermodynamic stability; Ultrasonic transducers; CTGS; High temperature stability; Interdigital transducer; RuAl; SAW sensors; Thin films
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License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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