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Title: Imperceptible magnetic sensor matrix system integrated with organic driver and amplifier circuits
Authors: Kondo, M.Melzer, M.Karnaushenko, D.Uemura, T.Yoshimoto, S.Akiyama, M.Noda, Y.Araki, T.Schmidt, O.G.Sekitani, T.
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Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Science Advances Vol. 6 (2020), No. 4
Publisher: Washington : American Association for the Advancement of Science (A A A S)
Abstract: Artificial electronic skins (e-skins) comprise an integrated matrix of flexible devices arranged on a soft, reconfigurable surface. These sensors must perceive physical interaction spaces between external objects and robots or humans. Among various types of sensors, flexible magnetic sensors and the matrix configuration are preferable for such position sensing. However, sensor matrices must efficiently map the magnetic field with real-time encoding of the positions and motions of magnetic objects. This paper reports an ultrathin magnetic sensor matrix system comprising a 2 × 4 array of magnetoresistance sensors, a bootstrap organic shift register driving the sensor matrix, and organic signal amplifiers integrated within a single imperceptible platform. The system demonstrates high magnetic sensitivity owing to the use of organic amplifiers. Moreover, the shift register enabled real-time mapping of 2D magnetic field distribution.
Keywords: Human robot interaction; Magnetic circuits; Magnetic fields; Shift registers; Timing circuits; Amplifier circuits; Magnetic field distribution; Magnetic sensitivity; Magnetoresistance sensors; Physical interactions; Real-time encoding; Real-time mapping; Reconfigurable surfaces; Magnetic sensors
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License: CC BY-NC 4.0 Unported
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