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Title: Quantum dot-based broadband optical antenna for efficient extraction of single photons in the telecom O-band
Authors: Yang, JingzhongNawrath, CorneliusKeil, RobertJoos, RaphaelZhang, XiHöfer, BiancaChen, YanZopf, MichaelJetter, MichaelPortalupi, Simone LucaDing, FeiMichler, PeterSchmidt, Oliver G.
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Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Optics Express 28 (2020), No. 13
Publisher: Washington, DC : The Optical Society
Abstract: Long-distance fiber-based quantum communication relies on efficient non-classical light sources operating at telecommunication wavelengths. Semiconductor quantum dots are promising candidates for on-demand generation of single photons and entangled photon pairs for such applications. However, their brightness is strongly limited due to total internal reflection at the semiconductor/vacuum interface. Here we overcome this limitation using a dielectric antenna structure. The non-classical light source consists of a gallium phosphide solid immersion lens in combination with a quantum dot nanomembrane emitting single photons in the telecom O-band. With this device, the photon extraction is strongly increased in a broad spectral range. A brightness of 17% (numerical aperture of 0.6) is obtained experimentally, with a single photon purity of 𝑔(2)(0)=0.049±0.02 at saturation power. This brings the practical implementation of quantum communication networks one step closer.
Keywords: semiconductor quantum dots; long-distance fiber-based quantum communication; dielectric antenna structure
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License: OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement
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