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Title: Coherent motion of low frequency vibrations in ultrafast excited state proton transfer
Authors: Pfeiffer, M.Chudoba, C.Lau, A.Lenz, K.Elsaesser, T.
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Issue Date: 1999
Published in: Laser Chemistry Vol. 19 (1999), No. 1-4
Publisher: Routledge : Taylor and Francis Inc.
Abstract: Photoexcitation of internal proton transfer in the tinuvin molecule causes the excitation of some low frequency vibrational modes which oscillate with high amplitudes in a coherent manner over 700 fs. Such effect is observed for the first time applying two color pump/probe measurement with 25 fs pulses. Based on resonance Raman spectra a normal coordinate analysis of the modes is performed. It is shown that the nuclear movement given by the normal vibration of one of the modes serves to open up a barrierfree proton transfer path.
Keywords: Excited state-molecules; Potential energy surface; Proton transfer; Raman spectra-molecules; Ultrafast time resolved spectra
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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