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Title: A novel engineered oxide buffer approach for fully lattice-matched SOI heterostructures
Authors: Giussani, A.Zaumseil, P.Seifarth, O.Storck, P.Schroeder, T.
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Issue Date: 2010
Published in: New Journal of Physics Vol. 12 (2010)
Publisher: College Park, MD : Institute of Physics Publishing
Abstract: Epitaxial (epi) oxides on silicon can be used to integrate novel device concepts on the canonical Si platform, including functional oxides, e.g. multiferroics, as well as alternative semiconductor approaches. For all these applications, the quality of the oxide heterostructure is a key figure of merit. In this paper, it is shown that, by co-evaporating Y2O3 and Pr2O3 powder materials, perfectly lattice-matched PrYO3(111) epilayers with bixbyite structure can be grown on Si(111) substrates. A high-resolution x-ray diffraction analysis demonstrates that the mixed oxide epi-films are single crystalline and type B oriented. Si epitaxial overgrowth of the PrYO3(111)/Si(111) support system results in flat, continuous and fully lattice-matched epi-Si(111)/PrYO3(111)/Si(111) silicon-on-insulator heterostructures. Raman spectroscopy proves the strain-free nature of the epi-Si films. A Williamson-Hall analysis of the mixed oxide layer highlights the existence of structural defects in the buffer, which can be explained by the thermal expansion coefficients of Si and PrYO3. © IOP Publishing Ltd and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.
Keywords: Bixbyite structure; Epitaxial overgrowth; Figure of merit; Functional oxides; Heterostructures; High resolution X ray diffraction; Lattice-matched; Mixed oxide; Multiferroics; Novel devices; Oxide buffer; Powder material; Si (1 1 1); Si films; Si(111) substrate; Silicon on insulator; Single-crystalline; Strain-free; Structural defect; Support systems; Thermal expansion coefficients; Williamson-Hall; Crystals; Epitaxial growth; Heterojunctions; Oxide films; Raman spectroscopy; Semiconducting silicon; Thermal expansion; X ray diffraction; X ray diffraction analysis; Semiconducting silicon compounds
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License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported
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