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Title: Tackling long-term climate change together: The case of flexible CCS and fluctuating renewable energy
Authors: Ludig, S.Haller, M.Bauer, N.
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Issue Date: 2011
Published in: Energy Procedia Vol. 4 (2011)
Publisher: Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier
Abstract: The present study aims at shedding light into the interaction of fluctuating renewables and the operational flexibility of post-combustion capture plants in the framework of a long-term model. We developed a model of the electricity sector taking into account both long-term investment time scales to represent plant fleet development under economic and climate constraints as well as short time scales to consider fluctuations of demand and renewable energy sources. The LIMES model allows us to determine the respective roles of renewables and CCS in climate change mitigation efforts within the electricity sector. Furthermore, we assess the influence of natural gas prices on fuel choice and investigate the shares of competing CCS approaches in the technology mix. We find that the optimal technology mix includes large shares of renewables and simultaneously different competing CCS technologies, depending on emission constraints and fuel prices.
Keywords: Climate change mitigation; Flexible operation; Renewables; Variability; Climate models; Electric industry; Greenhouse gases; Investments; Natural gas; Renewable energy resources; Climate change mitigation; Flexible operation; Long-term investment; Operational flexibility; Post-combustion captures; Renewable energy source; Renewables; Variability; Climate change
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License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Unported
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