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Title: Large-range frequency tuning of a narrow-linewidth quantum emitter
Authors: Zhai, LiangLöbl, Matthias C.Jahn, Jan-PhilippHuo, YonghengTreutlein, PhilippSchmidt, Oliver G.Rastelli, ArmandoWarburton, Richard J.
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Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Applied Physics Letters Vol. 117 (2020), No. 8
Abstract: A hybrid system of a semiconductor quantum dot single photon source and a rubidium quantum memory represents a promising architecture for future photonic quantum repeaters. One of the key challenges lies in matching the emission frequency of quantum dots with the transition frequency of rubidium atoms while preserving the relevant emission properties. Here, we demonstrate the bidirectional frequency tuning of the emission from a narrow-linewidth (close-to-transform-limited) quantum dot. The frequency tuning is based on a piezoelectric strain-amplification device, which can apply significant stress to thick bulk samples. The induced strain shifts the emission frequency of the quantum dot over a total range of 1.15 THz, about three orders of magnitude larger than its linewidth. Throughout the whole tuning process, both the spectral properties of the quantum dot and its single-photon emission characteristics are preserved. Our results show that external stress can be used as a promising tool for reversible frequency tuning of high-quality quantum dots and pave the wave toward the realization of a quantum dot–rubidium atom interface for quantum networking.
Keywords: photonic quantum repeater; rubidium quantum memory; semiconductor quantum dot single photon source
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License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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