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Title: Experimental methods of post-growth tuning of the excitonic fine structure splitting in semiconductor quantum dots
Authors: Plumhof, J.D.Trotta, R.Rastelli, A.Schmidt, O.G.
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Issue Date: 2012
Published in: Nanoscale Research Letters Vol. 7 (2012)
Publisher: New York, NY [u.a.] : Springer
Abstract: Deterministic sources of polarization entangled photon pairs on demand are considered as important building blocks for quantum communication technology. It has been demonstrated that semiconductor quantum dots (QDs), which exhibit a sufficiently small excitonic fine structure splitting (FSS) can be used as triggered, on-chip sources of polarization entangled photon pairs. As-grown QDs usually do not have the required values of the FSS, making the availability of post-growth tuning techniques highly desired. This article reviews the effect of different post-growth treatments and external fields on the FSS such as thermal annealing, magnetic fields, the optical Stark effect, electric fields, and anisotropic stress. As a consequence of the tuning of the FSS, for some tuning techniques a rotation of the polarization of the emitted light is observed. The joint modification of polarization orientation and FSS can be described by an anticrossing of the bright excitonic states.
Keywords: Anticrossing; Entangled photon pairs; Excitonic fine structure splitting; Semiconductor quantum dots; Atomic physics; Electric fields; Nanocrystals; Photons; Polarization; Quantum communication; Quantum entanglement; Tuning; Anticrossings; Entangled photon pairs; Experimental methods; Fine structure splitting; Optical stark effect; Polarization entangled photon pairs; Polarization orientation; Quantum communication technology; Semiconductor quantum dots
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