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Title: Supramolecular assemblies of block copolymers as templates for fabrication of nanomaterials
Authors: Nandan, B.Kuila, B.K.Stamm, M.
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Issue Date: 2011
Published in: European Polymer Journal Vol. 47 (2011), No. 4
Publisher: New York, NY [u.a.] : Elsevier
Abstract: Self-assembled polymeric systems have played an important role as templates for nanofabrication; they offer nanotemplates with different morphologies and tunable sizes, are easily removed after reactions, and could be further modified with different functional groups to enhance the interactions. Among the various self-assembled polymeric systems, block copolymer supramolecular assemblies have received considerable attention because of the inherent processing advantages. These supramolecular assemblies are formed by the non-covalent interactions of one of the blocks of the block copolymer with a low molar-mass additive. Selective extraction of the additive leads to porous membranes or nano-objects which could then be used as templates for nanofabrication leading to a variety of ordered organic/inorganic nanostructures. In this feature article, we present an over-view of the recent developments in this area with a special focus on some examples from our group.
Keywords: Block copolymer; Nanomaterials; Nanotemplate; Self-assembly; Supramolecular assemblies; Thin films; Nano-materials; Nano-objects; Nanofabrication; Nanotemplate; Nanotemplates; Non-covalent interaction; Organic/inorganic; Polymeric systems; Porous membranes; Selective extraction; Self-assembled; Supramolecular assemblies; Block copolymers; Functional groups; Functional polymers; Nanostructured materials; Plastic products; Polymers; Self assembly; Supramolecular chemistry; Thin films; Copolymerization
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