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Title: Femtosecond spectroscopy in a nearly optimally doped Fe-based superconductors FeSe0.5Te0.5 and Ba(Fe 1-xCox)2As2/Fe thin film
Authors: Bonavolontà, C.Parlato, L.De, Lisio, C.Valentino, M.Pepe, G.P.Kazumasa, I.Kurth, F.Bellingeri, E.Pallecchi, I.Putti, M.Ferdeghini, C.Ummarino, G.A.Laviano, F.
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Issue Date: 2014
Published in: Journal of Physics: Conference Series Vol. 507 (2014)
Publisher: Bristol : Institute of Physics Publishing
Abstract: Femtosecond spectroscopy has been used to investigate the quasi-particle relaxation times in nearly optimally doped Fe-based superconductors FeSe 0.5Te0.5 and optimally doped Ba-122 thin films growth on a Fe buffer layer. Experimental results concerning the temperature dependence of the relaxation time of such pnictides both in the superconducting state are now presented and discussed. Modelling the T-dependence of relaxation times an estimation of both electron-phonon constant and superconducting energy gap in the excitation spectrum of both Fe(Se,Te) and Ba-122 compounds is obtained.
Keywords: Iron-based Superconductors; Phonons; Relaxation time; Semiconducting selenium compounds; Superconducting materials; Temperature distribution; Thin films; Cobalt; Electron phonon; Excitation spectrum; Femtosecond spectroscopy; Quasi particles; Superconducting energy gap; Superconducting state; Temperature dependence; Thin films growth; Fe-based superconductors; Iron compounds
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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