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Title: Single-electron transitions in one-dimensional native nanostructures
Authors: Reiche, M.Kittler, M.Schmelz, M.Stolz, R.Pippel, E.Uebensee, H.Kermann, M.Ortlepp, T.
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Issue Date: 2014
Published in: Journal of Physics: Conference Series Vol. 568 (2014)
Publisher: Bristol : Institute of Physics Publishing
Abstract: Low-temperature measurements proved the existence of a two-dimensional electron gas at defined dislocation arrays in silicon. As a consequence, single-electron transitions (Coulomb blockades) are observed. It is shown that the high strain at dislocation cores modifies the band structure and results in the formation of quantum wells along dislocation lines. This causes quantization of energy levels inducing the formation of Coulomb blockades.
Keywords: Coulomb blockade; Electron gas; Electron transitions; Low temperature effects; Temperature; Temperature measurement; Dislocation arrays; Dislocation core; Dislocation lines; High strains; Low-temperature measurements; Quantization of energy; Two dimensional electron gas
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