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Title: Rolled-up functionalized nanomembranes as three-dimensional cavities for single cell studies
Authors: Xi, W.Schmidt, C.K.Sanchez, S.Gracias, D.H.Carazo-Salas, R.E.Jackson, S.P.Schmidt, O.G.
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Issue Date: 2014
Published in: Nano Letters Vol. 14 (2014), No. 8
Publisher: Washington, DC : American Chemical Society
Abstract: We use micropatterning and strain engineering to encapsulate single living mammalian cells into transparent tubular architectures consisting of three-dimensional (3D) rolled-up nanomembranes. By using optical microscopy, we demonstrate that these structures are suitable for the scrutiny of cellular dynamics within confined 3D-microenvironments. We show that spatial confinement of mitotic mammalian cells inside tubular architectures can perturb metaphase plate formation, delay mitotic progression, and cause chromosomal instability in both a transformed and nontransformed human cell line. These findings could provide important clues into how spatial constraints dictate cellular behavior and function.
Keywords: 3D cell culture scaffold; chromosome segregation errors; mitosis; Nanomembranes; rolled-up nanotechnology; spatial confinement; Cell culture; Chromosomes; Nanostructures; 3-D cell culture; Chromosome segregation; mitosis; Nanomembranes; Spatial confinement; Scaffolds (biology); artificial membrane; nanomaterial; artificial membrane; chemistry; HeLa cell line; human; metaphase; HeLa Cells; Humans; Membranes, Artificial; Metaphase; Nanostructures
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