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Title: A graphene-based hot electron transistor
Authors: Vaziri, S.Lupina, G.Henkel, C.Smith, A.D.Östling, M.Dabrowski, J.Lippert, G.Mehr, W.Lemme, M.C.
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Issue Date: 2013
Published in: Nano Letters Vol. 13 (2013), No. 4
Publisher: Washington, DC : American Chemical Society
Abstract: We experimentally demonstrate DC functionality of graphene-based hot electron transistors, which we call graphene base transistors (GBT). The fabrication scheme is potentially compatible with silicon technology and can be carried out at the wafer scale with standard silicon technology. The state of the GBTs can be switched by a potential applied to the transistor base, which is made of graphene. Transfer characteristics of the GBTs show ON/OFF current ratios exceeding 104.
Keywords: Graphene; hot carrier transport; hot electrons; transistor; tunneling; Hot electron transistors; ON/OFF current ratio; Silicon Technologies; Transfer characteristics; Wafer scale; Electron tunneling; Hot carriers; Hot electrons; Silicon; Silicon wafers; Transistors; Graphene; graphite; nanomaterial; silicon; graphite; nanomaterial; article; chemistry; electron; equipment design; nanotechnology; semiconductor; chemistry; Electrons; Equipment Design; Graphite; Nanostructures; Nanotechnology; Silicon; Transistors, Electronic; Electrons; Equipment Design; Graphite; Nanostructures; Nanotechnology; Silicon; Transistors, Electronic
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