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Title: Josephson and tunneling junctions with thin films of iron based superconductors
Authors: Schmidt, S.Döring, S.Tympel, V.Schmidl, F.Haindl, S.Iida, K.Holzapfel, B.Seidel, P.
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Issue Date: 2012
Published in: Physics Procedia Vol. 36 (2012)
Publisher: Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier
Abstract: We produced planar hybrid Superconductor - Normal metal - Superconductor (SNS') junctions and interfaceengineered edge junctions (SN'S' or SIS' with normal metal (N') or insulating (I) barrier) with various areas using Co-doped Ba-122 as base electrode. Varying the thickness of the Normal metal (gold) barrier of the planar junctions, we can either observe Josephson behavior at thinner gold thicknesses or transport dominated by Andreev reflection. The edge junctions seem to form a SN'S'-contact.
Keywords: Andreev reflection; Josephson junctions; Pnictides; Tunneling effect; Gold; Superconducting materials; Andreev reflection; Iron-based superconductors; Josephson; Planar junctions; Pnictides; Superconductor normal metal superconductors; Tunneling effects; Tunneling junctions; High temperature superconductors
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License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Unported
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