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Title: 1-Di­phenyl­phosphanyl-2-(di­phenyl­phosphor­yl)hydrazine
Authors: Höhne, MarthaAluri, BhaskarSpannenberg, AnkeMüller, Bernd H.Peulecke, NormenRosenthal, Uwe
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Issue Date: 2018
Published in: IUCrData Vol. 3 (2018)
Publisher: Chester : IUCr
Abstract: The title compound, C24H22N2OP2, is an asymmetrically substituted hydrazine derivative bearing a phosphoryl and a phosphanyl substituent. The PNNP backbone has a torsion angle of −131.01 (8)°. In the crystal, mol­ecules form centrosymmetric dimers by inter­molecular N—H...O hydrogen bonds, which are further linked into a three-dimensional network by weak C—H...O and C—H...π inter­actions.
Keywords: crystal structure; hydrazine; PN chemistry
DDC: 540
License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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