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Title: The Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM-PIK) - Part 2: Dynamic equilibrium simulation of the Antarctic ice sheet
Authors: Martin, M. A.Winkelmann, R.Haseloff, M.Albrecht, T.Bueler, E.Khroulev, C.Levermann, A.
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Issue Date: 2011
Published in: The Cryosphere, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 727-740
Publisher: München : European Geopyhsical Union
Abstract: We present a dynamic equilibrium simulation of the ice sheet-shelf system on Antarctica with the Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM-PIK). The simulation is initialized with present-day conditions for bed topography and ice thickness and then run to steady state with constant present-day surface mass balance. Surface temperature and sub-shelf basal melt distribution are parameterized. Grounding lines and calving fronts are free to evolve, and their modeled equilibrium state is compared to observational data. A physically-motivated calving law based on horizontal spreading rates allows for realistic calving fronts for various types of shelves. Steady-state dynamics including surface velocity and ice flux are analyzed for whole Antarctica and the Ronne-Filchner and Ross ice shelf areas in particular. The results show that the different flow regimes in sheet and shelves, and the transition zone between them, are captured reasonably well, supporting the approach of superposition of SIA and SSA for the representation of fast motion of grounded ice. This approach also leads to a natural emergence of sliding-dominated flow in stream-like features in this new 3-D marine ice sheet model.
Keywords: cryosphere; database; flow pattern; grounding line; ice flow; ice sheet; ice shelf; ice thickness; mass balance; melt; numerical model; parameterization; sea ice; steady-state equilibrium; surface temperature; three-dimensional modeling; transition zone
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License: CC BY 3.0 Unported
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