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Title: Seasonal variability of heterogeneous ice formation in stratiform clouds over the Amazon Basin
Authors: Seifert, PatricKunz, ClaraBaars, HolgerAnsmann, AlbertBühl, JohannesSenf, FabianEngelmann, RonnyAlthausen, DietrichArtaxo, Paulo
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Issue Date: 2014
Published in: Geophysical research letters, Volume 42, Issue 13, Page 5587-5593
Publisher: Hoboken, NJ : Wiley
Abstract: Based on 11months of polarization lidar observations in the Amazon Basin near Manaus, Brazil (2.3°S, 60°W), the relationship between temperature and heterogeneous ice formation efficiency in stratiform clouds was evaluated in the cloud top temperature range between -40 and 0°C. Between -30 and 0°C, ice-containing clouds are a factor of 1.5 to 2 more frequent during the dry season. Free-tropospheric aerosol backscatter profiles revealed a twofold to tenfold increase in aerosol load during the dry season and a Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate - Interim Implementation reanalysis data set implies that the aerosol composition during the dry season is strongly influenced by biomass burning aerosol, whereas other components such as mineral dust do not vary strongly between the seasons. The injection of smoke accompanied by the likely dispersion of biological material, soil dust, or ash particles was identified as a possible source for the increased ice formation efficiency during the dry season. Key Points A unique 1year stratiform cloud data set was obtained for the Amazon Basin During the dry season, ice forms more efficient than during the wet season Biomass burning aerosols must be the source of ice nuclei during the dry season.
Keywords: aerosol effects on clouds; Amazon Basin; biomass burning aerosol; heterogeneous ice formation; long-term observations; polarization lidar
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License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Unported
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