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Title: Tris(tetrahydrofuran-kO)tris[tris(thio-phen-2-yl)methanolato-kO]terbium(III)tetrahydrofuran monosolvate
Authors: Veith, MichaelBelot, CelineHuch, Volker
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Issue Date: 2011
Published in: Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online, Volume 67, Issue 12
Publisher: Chester : International Union of Crystallography
Abstract: In the mononuclear title compound, [Tb(C13H9OS3)3(C4H8O)3]·C4H8O, the lanthanide cation is located on a threefold rotation axis and is surrounded by electron-rich ligands in an approximately octahedral geometry. One of the thienyl groups and the bound THF are disordered with 0.5:0.5 occupancy. The free THF is disordered around the threefold axis.
Keywords: single-crystal X-ray study; T = 132 k; mean sigma(C-C) = 0.006 Å; disorder in main residue; R factor = 0.035; wR factor = 0.085; data-to-parameter ratio = 23.9
DDC: 540
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