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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Enantiomer-selective magnetization of conglomerates for quantitative chiral separationYe, X.; Cui, J.; Li, B.; Li, N.; Wang, R.; Yan, Z.; Tan, J.; Zhang, J.; Wan, X.
2019Studies on the Controlled Release of Drugs from Magnetic NanobiocompositesHeinze, Thomas; Müller, Robert; Zhou, Mengbo; Rabel, Martin; Warncke, Paul; Fischer, Dagmar
2019Strength of bacterial adhesion on nanostructured surfaces quantified by substrate morphometrySpengler, C.; Nolle, F.; Mischo, J.; Faidt, T.; Grandthyll, S.; Thewes, N.; Koch, M.; Müller, F.; Bischoff, M.; Klatt, M.A.; Jacobs, K.
2010Alignment of retention time obtained from multicapillary column gas chromatography used for VOC analysis with ion mobility spectrometryPerl, Thorsten; Bödeker, Bertram; Jünger, Melanie; Nolte, Jürgen; Vautz, Wolfgang
2015Sintering of ultrathin gold nanowires for transparent electronicsMaurer, Johannes H. M.; González-García, Lola; Reiser, Beate; Kanelidis, Ioannis; Kraus, Tobias
2019Time-resolved study of site-specific corrosion in a single crystalline silver nanoparticleTrautmann, Steffen; Dathe, André; Csáki, Andrea; Thiele, Matthias; Müller, Robert; Fritzsche, Wolfgang; Stranik, Ondrej
2018Fusion of MALDI Spectrometric Imaging and Raman Spectroscopic Data for the Analysis of Biological SamplesRyabchykov, Oleg; Popp, Jürgen; Bocklitz, Thomas W.
2017Interactions between shape-persistent macromolecules as probed by AFMBlas, Johannes; Brunke, Jessica; Emmerich, Franziska; Cédric, Przybylski; Garamus, Vasil M.; Feoktystov, Artem; Bennewitz, Roland; Wenz, Gerhard; Albrecht, Marcel
2019Thiol-Methylsulfone Based Hydrogels: Enhanced Control on Gelation Kinetics for 3D Cell EncapsulationFarrukh, Aleeza; Włodarczyk-Biegun, Malgorzata K.; del Campo, Aránzazu
2011Tris(tetrahydrofuran-kO)tris[tris(thio-phen-2-yl)methanolato-kO]terbium(III)tetrahydrofuran monosolvateVeith, Michael; Belot, Celine; Huch, Volker