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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Modulating Myeloid Immune Cell Migration Using Multivalently Presented Monosaccharide Ligands for Advanced ImmunotherapyTaverno, I.; Rodrigo, A.M.; Kandziora, M.; Kuntz, S.; Dernedde, J.; Trautwein, C.; Tacke, F.; Blas-Garcia, A.; Bartneck, M.
2018Screening of microbial communities associated with endive lettuce during postharvest processing on industrial scaleFröhling, A.; Rademacher, A.; Rumpold, B.; Klocke, M.; Schlüter, O.
2019Process disturbances in agricultural biogas production—causes, mechanisms and effects on the biogas microbiome: A reviewTheuerl, S.; Klang, J.; Prochnow, A.
2020Exogenous supply of Hsp47 triggers fibrillar collagen deposition in skin cell cultures in vitroKhan, E.S.; Sankaran, S.; Llontop, L.; Del Campo, A.
2018Characterization of Bathyarchaeota genomes assembled from metagenomes of biofilms residing in mesophilic and thermophilic biogas reactorsMaus, I.; Rumming, M.; Bergmann, I.; Heeg, K.; Pohl, M.; Nettmann, E.; Jaenicke, S.; Blom, J.; Pühler, A.; Schlüter, A.; Sczyrba, A.; Klocke, M.
2019Production and purification of L-lactic acid in lab and pilot scales using sweet sorghum juiceOlszewska-Widdrat, A.; Alexandri, M.; López-Gómez, J.P.; Schneider, R.; Mandl, M.; Venus, J.
2018Impact of a pilot-scale plasma-assisted washing process on the culturable microbial community dynamics related to fresh-cut endive lettuceFröhling, A.; Ehlbeck, J.; Schlüter, O.
2020Integrating Biophysics in ToxicologyDel Favero, G.; Kraegeloh, A.
2016Natural variability or anthropogenically-induced variation? Insights from 15 years of multidisciplinary observations at the arctic marine LTER site HAUSGARTENSoltwedel, T.; Bauerfeind, E.; Bergmann, M.; Bracher, A.; Budaeva, N.; Busch, K.; Cherkasheva, A.; Fahl, K.; Grzelak, K.; Hasemann, C.; Jacob, M.; Kraft, A.; Lalande, C.; Metfies, K.; Nöthig, E.-M.; Meyer, K.; Quéric, N.-V.; Schewe, I.; Włodarska-Kowalczuk, M.; Klages, M.
2020Targeted delivery of functionalized PLGA nanoparticles to macrophages by complexation with the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeKiefer, R.; Jurisic, M.; Dahlem, C.; Koch, M.; Schmitt, M.J.; Kiemer, A.K.; Schneider, M.; Breinig, F.