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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Classification and clustering: models, software and applicationsMucha, Hans-Joachim; Ritter, Gunter
2017“When was this picture taken?” – Image date estimation in the wildMüller, E.; Springstein, M.; Ewerth, R.
2019When humans and machines collaborate: Cross-lingual Label Editing in WikidataKaffee, L.-A.; Endris, K.M.; Simperl, E.
2013Mathematical model for a heat pump dryer for aromatic plantHossain, Mohammed Ayub; Gottschalk, Klaus; Hassan, Mohammad Shoeb
2014Normally-off GaN transistors for power applicationsHilt, O.; Bahat-Treidel, E.; Brunner, F.; Knauer, A.; Zhytnytska, R.; Kotara, P.; Wuerfl, J.
2016Measurement of the linear depolarization ratio of aged dust at three wavelengths (355, 532 and 1064 nm) simultaneously over BarbadosHaarig, Moritz; Althausen, Dietrich; Ansmann, Albert; Klepel, André; Baars, Holger; Engelmann, Ronny; Groß, Silke; Freudenthaler, Volker
2008Emerging pattern of global change in the upper atmosphere and ionosphereLaštovička, J.; Akmaev, R. A.; Beig, G.; Bremer, J.; Emmert, J. T.; Jacobi, C.; Jarvis, M. J.; Nedoluha, G.; Portnyagin, Yu. I.
2008Long-term trends in the ionospheric E and F1 regionsBremer, J.
2014Overview: Tropospheric profiling: State of the art and future challenges - Introduction to the AMT special issueCimini, D.; Rizi, V.; Di Girolamo, P.; Marzano, F. S.; Macke, A.; Pappalardo, G.; Richter, A.
2015The PAC2MAN mission: A new tool to understand and predict solar energetic eventsAmaya, Jorge; Musset, Sophie; Andersson, Viktor; Diercke, Andrea; Höller, Christian; Iliev, Sergiu; Juhász, Lilla; Kiefer, René; Lasagni, Riccardo; Lejosne, Solène; Madi, Mohammad; Rummelhagen, Mirko; Scheucher, Markus; Sorba, Arianna; Thonhofer, Stefan