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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Imperceptible magnetic sensor matrix system integrated with organic driver and amplifier circuitsKondo, M.; Melzer, M.; Karnaushenko, D.; Uemura, T.; Yoshimoto, S.; Akiyama, M.; Noda, Y.; Araki, T.; Schmidt, O.G.; Sekitani, T.
2018Coupling a single solid-state quantum emitter to an array of resonant plasmonic antennasPfeiffer, M.; Atkinson, P.; Rastelli, A.; Schmidt, O.G.; Giessen, H.; Lippitz, M.; Lindfors, K.
2019Slow and fast single photons from a quantum dot interacting with the excited state hyperfine structure of the Cesium D1-lineKroh, T.; Wolters, J.; Ahlrichs, A.; Schell, A.W.; Thoma, A.; Reitzenstein, S.; Wildmann, J.S.; Zallo, E.; Trotta, R.; Rastelli, A.; Schmidt, O.G.; Benson, O.
2018Uniaxial stress flips the natural quantization axis of a quantum dot for integrated quantum photonicsYuan, X.; Weyhausen-Brinkmann, F.; Martín-Sánchez, J.; Piredda, G.; Křápek, V.; Huo, Y.; Huang, H.; Schimpf, C.; Schmidt, O.G.; Edlinger, J.; Bester, G.; Trotta, R.; Rastelli, A.
2019Self-Assembled Flexible and Integratable 3D Microtubular Asymmetric SupercapacitorsLi, F.; Wang, J.; Liu, L.; Qu, J.; Li, Y.; Bandari, V.K.; Karnaushenko, D.; Becker, C.; Faghih, M.; Kang, T.; Baunack, S.; Zhu, M.; Zhu, F.; Schmidt, O.G.
2020Disturbing-free determination of yeast concentration in DI water and in glucose using impedance biochipsKiani, M.; Du, N.; Vogel, M.; Raff, J.; Hübner, U.; Skorupa, I.; Bürger, D.; Schulz, S.E.; Schmidt, O.G.; Blaschke, D.; Schmidt, H.
2014Wireless magnetic-based closed-loop control of self-propelled microjetsKhalil, I.S.M.; Magdanz, V.; Sanchez, S.; Schmidt, O.G.; Misra, S.
2011Integrated sensitive on-chip ion field effect transistors based on wrinkled ingaas nanomembranesHarazim, S.M.; Feng, P.; Sanchez, S.; Deneke, C.; Mei, Y.; Schmidt, O.G.
2008Towards deterministically controlled InGaAs/GaAs lateral quantum dot moleculesWang, L.; Rastelli, A.; Kiravittaya, S.; Atkinson, P.; Ding, F.; Bof Bufon, C.C.; Hermannstädter, C.; Witzany, M.; Beirne, G.J.; Michler, P.; Schmidt, O.G.
2014Photoactive rolled-up TiO2 microtubes: Fabrication, characterization and applicationsGiudicatti, S.; Marz, S.M.; Soler, L.; Madani, A.; Jorgensen, M.R.; Sanchez, S.; Schmidt, O.G.