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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Reactivity of stabilized Criegee intermediates (sCIs) from isoprene and monoterpene ozonolysis toward SO2 and organic acidsSipilä, M.; Jokinen, T.; Berndt, T.; Richters, S.; Makkonen, R.; Donahue, N. M.; Mauldin III, R. L.; Kurtén, T.; Paasonen, P.; Sarnela, N.; Ehn, M.; Junninen, H.; Rissanen, M. P.; Thornton, J.; Stratmann, F.; Herrmann, H.; Worsnop, D. R.; Kulmala, M.; Kerminen, V.-M.; Petäjä, T.
2011Hygroscopic properties of aerosol particles at high relative humidity and their diurnal variations in the North China PlainLiu, P. F.; Zhao, C. S.; Göbel, T.; Hallbauer, E.; Nowak, A.; Ran, L.; Xu, W. Y.; Deng, Z. Z.; Ma, N.; Mildenberger, K.; Henning, S.; Stratmann, F.; Wiedensohler, A.
2010Heterogeneous freezing of droplets with immersed mineral dust particles – measurements and parameterizationNiedermeier, D.; Hartmann, S.; Shaw, R. A.; Covert, D.; Mentel, T. F.; Schneider, J.; Mentel, Th. F.; Poulain, L.; Reitz, P.; Spindler, C.; Clauss, T.; Kiselev, A.; Hallbauer, E.; Wex, H.; Mildenberger, K.; Stratmann, F.
2003Particle formation at a continental background site: Comparison of model results with observationsUhrner, U.; Birmili, W.; Stratmann, F.; Wilck, M.; Ackermann, I. J.; Berresheim, H.
2015Intercomparing different devices for the investigation of ice nucleating particles using Snomax® as test substanceWex, H.; Augustin-Bauditz, S.; Boose, Y.; Budke, C.; Curtius, J.; Diehl, K.; Dreyer, A.; Frank, F.; Hartmann, S.; Hiranuma, N.; Jantsch, E.; Kanji, Z. A.; Kiselev, A.; Koop, T.; Möhler, O.; Niedermeier, D.; Nillius, B.; Rösch, M.; Rose, D.; Schmidt, C.; Steinke, I.; Stratmann, F.