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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Optimizing Federated Queries Based on the Physical Design of a Data LakeRohde, Philipp D.; Vidal, Maria-Esther
2020SciBERT-based Semantification of Bioassays in the Open Research Knowledge GraphAnteghini, Marco; D'Souza, Jennifer; Martins dos Santos, Vitor A. P.; Auer, Sören
2021Targeted Sub-Attomole Cancer Biomarker Detection Based on Phase Singularity 2D Nanomaterial-Enhanced Plasmonic BiosensorWang, Yuye; Zeng, Shuwen; Crunteanu, Aurelian; Xie, Zhenming; Humbert, Georges; Ma, Libo; Wei, Yuanyuan; Brunel, Aude; Bessette, Barbara; Orlianges, Jean-Christophe; Lalloué, Fabrice; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Yu, Nanfang; Ho, Ho-Pui
2020NLPContributions: An Annotation Scheme for Machine Reading of Scholarly Contributions in Natural Language Processing LiteratureD'Souza, Jennifer; Auer, Sören
2020OER Recommendations to Support Career DevelopmentTavakoli, Mohammadreza; Faraji, Ali; Mol, Stefan T.; Kismihók, Gábor
2020Enhancing Virtual Ontology Based Access over Tabular Data with Morph-CSVChaves-Fraga, David; Ruckhaus, Edna; Priyatna, Freddy; Vidal, Maria-Esther; Corchio, Oscar
2020Falcon 2.0: An Entity and Relation Linking Tool over WikidataSakor, Ahmad; Singh, Kuldeep; Patel, Anery; Vidal, Maria-Esther
2021Synthesis and Self-Assembly Behavior of Double Ullazine-Based Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsRichter, Marcus; Borkowski, Michał; Fu, Yubin; Dmitrieva, Evgenia; Popov, Alexey A.; Ma, Ji; Marszalek, Tomasz; Pisula, Wojciech; Feng, Xinliang
2021Covalent Organic Frameworks for Efficient Energy Electrocatalysis: Rational Design and ProgressZhang, Hua; Zhu, Minshen; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Chen, Shuillang; Zhang, Kai
2020A Feature Analysis for Multimodal News RetrievalTahmasebzadeh, Golsa; Hakimov, Sherzod; Müller-Budack, Eric; Ewerth, Ralph