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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Phase formation of a biocompatible Ti-based alloy under kinetic constraints studied via in-situ high-energy X-ray diffractionKosiba, K.; Rothkirch, A.; Han, J.; Deng, L.; Escher, B.; Wang, G.; Kühn, U.; Bednarcik, J.
2020Separate tuning of nematicity and spin fluctuations to unravel the origin of superconductivity in FeSeBaek, S.-H.; Ok, J.M.; Kim, J.S.; Aswartham, S.; Morozov, I.; Chareev, D.; Urata, T.; Tanigaki, K.; Tanabe, Y.; Büchner, B.; Efremov, D.V.
2020The Influence of Cu-Additions on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of MnAl-C AlloysJürries, F.; Freudenberger, J.; Nielsch, K.; Woodcock, T.G.
2020Improved kinetic behaviour of Mg(NH2)2-2LiH doped with nanostructured K-modified-LixTiyOz for hydrogen storageGizer, G.; Puszkiel, J.; Riglos, M.V.C.; Pistidda, C.; Ramallo-López, J.M.; Mizrahi, M.; Santoru, A.; Gemming, T.; Tseng, J.-C.; Klassen, T.; Dornheim, M.
2020Calcite incorporated in silica/collagen xerogels mediates calcium release and enhances osteoblast proliferation and differentiationRößler, S.; Unbehau, R.; Gemming, T.; Kruppke, B.; Wiesmann, H.-P.; Hanke, T.
2020Routes to control diffusive pathways and thermal expansion in Ti-alloysBönisch, M.; Stoica, M.; Calin, M.
2020Bias in data-driven artificial intelligence systems—An introductory surveyNtoutsi, E.; Fafalios, P.; Gadiraju, U.; Iosifidis, V.; Nejdl, W.; Vidal, M.-E.; Ruggieri, S.; Turini, F.; Papadopoulos, S.; Krasanakis, E.; Kompatsiaris, I.; Kinder-Kurlanda, K.; Wagner, C.; Karimi, F.; Fernandez, M.; Alani, H.; Berendt, B.; Kruegel, T.; Heinze, C.; Broelemann, K.; Kasneci, G.; Tiropanis, T.; Staab, S.
2020Scholarly event characteristics in four fields of science: a metrics-based analysisFathalla, S.; Vahdati, S.; Lange, C.; Auer, S.
2020Replication and Refinement of an Algorithm for Automated Drusen Segmentation on Optical Coherence TomographyWintergerst, M.W.M.; Gorgi Zadeh, S.; Wiens, V.; Thiele, S.; Schmitz-Valckenberg, S.; Holz, F.G.; Finger, R.P.; Schultz, T.
2020Characterization and classification of semantic image-text relationsOtto, C.; Springstein, M.; Anand, A.; Ewerth, R.