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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Open Access activities of the German National Library of Science and Technology : SCOAP3-DH and Arxiv-DHRosemann, Uwe; Brehm, Elke
2009Occurrence of polar mesosphere summer echoes at very high latitudesZecha, M.; Röttger, J.
2014Temperature-dependent electric noise level in different iron-based superconductorsBarone, C.; Pagano, S.; Bellingeri, E.; Ferdeghini, C.; Adamo, M.; Sarnelli, E.; Yokoyama, K.; Kurth, F.; Holzapfel, B; Iida, K.
2014Investigation of the strain-sensitive superconducting transition of BaFe1.8Co0.2As2 thin films utilizing piezoelectric substratesTrommler, S.; Hänisch, J.; Iida, K.; Kurth, F.; Schultz, L.; Holzapfel, B.; Hühne, R.
2014Normally-off GaN transistors for power applicationsHilt, O.; Bahat-Treidel, E.; Brunner, F.; Knauer, A.; Zhytnytska, R.; Kotara, P.; Wuerfl, J.
2014Magnetic flux-trapping of anisotropic-grown Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductors during and after pulsed-field magnetizing processesOka, T.; Yamada, Y.; Horiuchi, T.; Ogawa, J.; Fukui, S.; Sato, T.; Yokoyama, K.; Langer, M.
2013Magnetic tornadoes and chromospheric swirls – Definition and classificationWedemeyer, Sven; Scullion, Eamon; Steiner, Oskar; de la Cruz Rodriguez, Jaime; Rouppe van der Voort, Luc
2016Development of the fabrication process and characterization of piezoelectric BaTiO3/epoxy composite used for coated ultrasonic transducer patterns in structural health monitoringBareiro Ferreira, Oscar; Sridaran Venkat, Ramanan; Adam, Jens; Boller, Christian
2014Bicrystalline grain boundary junctions of Co-doped and P-doped Ba-122 thin filmsSchmidt, S.; Döring, S.; Schmidl, F.; Kurth, F.; Iida, K.; Holzapfel, B.; Kawaguchi, T.; Mori, Y.; Ikuta, H.; Seidel, P.