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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Directed assembly of nanoparticles to isolated diatom valves using the non-wetting characteristics after pyrolysisJantschke, A.; Fischer, C; Hensel, Rene; Braun, H.-G.; Brunner, E
2014Modeling the shape of ions in pyrite-type crystalsBirkholz, Mario
2014Carboxylic acids and esters as scaffold for cavities in porous single layer anti-reflective coatings of silica-titania with excellent optical and mechanical propertiesMenezes, E.; König, Peter; Jilavi, Mohammad H.; Oliveira de, Peter W.; Alves Junior, S.
2010Annual report 2009 // Institute of RadiochemistryBernhard, Gert
2016Di-μ-chlorido-bis­­({4-[bis­(tri­methylsilyl)amino]-6-chloro-2,2,8,8-tetra­methyl-5,7-bis­(tri­methylsilyl)-3,5,7-tri­aza-4,6-diphospha-2,8-disilanon-3-en-4-ido-κ2P,P′}palladium(II)) di­ethyl ether disolvateHöhne, Martha; Müller, Bernd H.; Spannenberg, Anke; Rosenthal, Uwe
2014Ba3YRu0.73(2)Al1.27(2)O8 and Ba5Y2Ru1.52(2)Al1.47(2)O 13.5: New perovskite ruthenates with partial octahedra replacementSchüpp-Niewa, Barbara; Shlyk, Larysa; Prots, Yurii; Krabbes, Gernot; Niewa, Rainer
2013Direct prediction of the desalination performance of porous carbon electrodes for capacitive deionizationPresser, Volker; Porada, S.; Borchardt, L.; Oschatz, M.; Bryjak, M.; Atchison, Jennifer; Keesmann, K.J.; Kaskel, S.; Biesheuvel, P.M.
2015Capacitive deionization using biomass-based microporous salt-templated heteroatom-doped carbonsPorada, Slawomir; Schipper, Florian; Aslan, Mesut; Antonietti, Markus; Presser, Volker; Fellinger, Tim-Patrick
2011Synthesis of carbon nanotubes with and without catalyst particlesRümmeli, Mark Hermann; Bachmatiuk, Alicja; Börrnert, Felix; Schäffel, Franziska; Ibrahim, Imad; Cendrowsk, Krzysztof; Simha-Martynkova, Grazyna; Plachá, Daniela; Cuniberti, Gianaurelio; Büchner, Bernd
2016A second polymorph of 3,4-bis­­(6-bromo­pyridin-3-yl)-1,2,5-thia­diazoleBecker, Lisanne; Altenburger, Kai; Spannenberg, Anke; Arndt, Perdita; Rosenthal, Uwe