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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Electron-transfer initiated nucleophilic substitution of thiophenolate anion by 1-chloro-substituted 4-(thiazol-2-ylazo)naphthalenesDmitrieva, E.; Yu, X.; Hartmann, H.
2019Direct chemical vapor deposition synthesis of large area single-layer brominated grapheneHasan, M.; Meiou, W.; Yulian, L.; Ullah, S.; Ta, H.Q.; Zhao, L.; Mendes, R.G.; Malik, Z.P.; Ahmad, N.M.; Liu, Z.; Rümmeli, M.H.
2018Expansion of the (BB)Ru metallacycle with coinage metal cations: Formation of B-M-Ru-B (M = Cu, Ag, Au) dimetalacyclodiborylsEleazer, B.J.; Smith, M.D.; Popov, A.A.; Peryshkov, D.V.
2019An efficient two-polymer binder for high-performance silicon nanoparticle-based lithium-ion batteries: A systematic case study with commercial polyacrylic acid and polyvinyl butyral polymersUrbanski, A.; Omar, A.; Guo, J.; Janke, A.; Reuter, U.; Malanin, M.; Schmidt, F.; Jehnichen, D.; Holzschuh, M.; Simon, F.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Giebeler, L.; Uhlmann, P.
2020Effects of Promoter on Structural and Surface Properties of Zirconium Oxide-Based Catalyst MaterialsBorovinskaya, E.S.; Oswald, S.; Reschetilowski, W.
2020Syntheses, crystal structure and magnetic properties of Tl9RETe6 (RE = Ce, Sm, Gd)Isaeva, A.; Schönemann, R.; Doert, T.
2020Kinetic Control over Self-Assembly of Semiconductor NanoplateletsMomper, R.; Zhang, H.; Chen, S.; Halim, H.; Johannes, E.; Yordanov, S.; Braga, D.; Blülle, B.; Doblas, D.; Kraus, T.; Kraus, T.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H.I.; Riedinger, A.
2020Stabilization of the ζ-Cu10Sn3 Phase by Ni at Soldering-Relevant TemperaturesWieser, C.; Hügel, W.; Martin, S.; Freudenberger, J.; Leineweber, A.
2019Influence of MoS2 on activity and stability of carbon nitride in photocatalytic hydrogen productionSivasankaran, R.P.; Rockstroh, N.; Kreyenschulte, C.R.; Bartling, S.; Lund, H.; Acharjya, A.; Junge, H.; Thomas, A.; Brückner, A.
2020Systematic investigations of annealing and functionalization of carbon nanotube yarnsScholz, M.; Hayashi, Y.; Eckert, V.; Khavrus, V.; Leonhardt, A.; Büchner, B.; Mertig, M.; Hampel, S.