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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Distribution of SiO2 nanoparticles in 3D liver microtissuesFleddermann, Jana; Susewind, Julia; Peuschel, Henrike; Koch, Marcus; Tavernaro, Isabella; Kraegeloh, Annette
2019Vimentin intermediate filament rings deform the nucleus during the first steps of adhesionTerriac, E.; Schütz, S.; Lautenschläger, F.
2019The synergistic effect of chlorotoxin-mApoE in boosting drug-loaded liposomes across the BBBFormicola, B.; Dal, Magro, R.; Montefusco-Pereira, C.V.; Lehr, C.-M.; Koch, M.; Russo, L.; Grasso, G.; Deriu, M.A.; Danani, A.; Bourdoulous, S.; Re, F.
2019Printability study of metal ion crosslinked PEG-catechol based inksWłodarczyk-Biegun, Malgorzata K.; Paez, Julieta I.; Villiou, Maria; Feng, Jun; del Campo, Aranzazu
2019Membrane Tension Orchestrates Rear Retraction in Matrix-Directed Cell MigrationHetmanski, J.H.R.; de, Belly, H.; Busnelli, I.; Waring, T.; Nair, R.V.; Sokleva, V.; Dobre, O.; Cameron, A.; Gauthier, N.; Lamaze, C.; Swift, J.; del, Campo, A.; Starborg, T.; Zech, T.; Goetz, J.G.; Paluch, E.K.; Schwartz, J.-M.; Caswell, P.T.
2019Quantitative analysis of F-actin alterations in adherent human mesenchymal stem cells: Influence of slow-freezing and vitrification-based cryopreservationMüllers, Yannik; Meiser, Ina; Stracke, Frank; Riemann, Iris; Lautenschläger, Franziska; Neubauer, Julia C.; Zimmermann, Heiko
2019In vitro entero-capillary barrier exhibits altered inflammatory and exosomal communication pattern after exposure to silica nanoparticlesKasper, J.Y.; Iris, Hermanns, M.; Kraegeloh, A.; Roth, W.; James, Kirkpatrick, C.; Unger, R.E.
2018Molecular Analysis of Two Different MRSA Clones ST188 and ST3268 From Primates (Macaca spp.) in a United States Primate CenterRoberts, Marilyn C.; Feßler, Andrea T.; Monecke, Stefan; Ehricht, Ralf; No, David; Schwarz, Stefan
2019Effect of fluoride mouthrinses and stannous ions on the erosion protective properties of the in situ pellicleKensche, A.; Buschbeck, E.; König, B.; Koch, M.; Kirsch, J.; Hannig, C.; Hannig, M.
2018Raman and infrared spectroscopy reveal that proliferating and quiescent human fibroblast cells age by biochemically similar but not identical processesEberhardt, Katharina; Matthäus, Christian; Marthandan, Shiva; Diekmann, Stephan; Popp, Jürgen