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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Recent developments in peptide-based nucleic acid deliveryVeldhoen, Sandra; Laufer, Sandra D.; Restle, Tobias
2018Sublethal injury and Viable but Non-culturable (VBNC) state in microorganisms during preservation of food and biological materials by non-thermal processesSchottroff, F.; Fröhling, A.; Zunabovic-Pichler, M.; Krottenthaler, A.; Schlüter, O.; Jäger, H.
2017Dissection of iron signaling and iron accumulation by overexpression of subgroup Ib bHLH039 proteinNaranjo-Arcos, Maria Augusta; Maurer, Felix; Meiser, Johannes; Pateyron, Stephanie; Fink-Straube, Claudia; Bauer, Petra
2015Quantification of internalized silica nanoparticles via STED microscopyPeuschel, Henrike; Ruckelshausen, Thomas; Cavelius, Christian; Kraegeloh, Annette
2012GFP facilitates native purification of recombinant perlucin derivatives and delays the precipitation of calcium carbonateWeber, Eva; Guth, Christina; Weiss, Ingrid M.
2015Lipid droplets as a novel cargo of tunnelling nanotubes in endothelial cellsAstanina, Ksenia; Koch, Marcus; Jüngst, Christian; Zumbusch, Andreas; Kiemer, Alexandra K.
2015Formation mechanism for stable hybrid clusters of proteins and nanoparticlesMoerz, Sebastian T.; Kraegeloh, Annette; Chanana, Munish; Kraus, Tobias
2013Peptide induced crystallization of calcium carbonate on wrinkle patterned substrate: implications for chitin formation in molluscsWeiss, Ingrid M.; Ghatak, Anindita Sengupta; Koch, Markus; Guth, Christina
2018Natural variation in physiological responses of tunisian hedysarum carnosum under iron deficiencyAbdallah, Heithem Ben; Mai, Hans Jörg; Slatni, Tarek; Fink-Straube, Claudia; Abdelly, Chedly; Bauer, Petra
2013Interaction of proteins identified in human thyroid cellsPietsch, Jessica; Riwaldt, Stefan; Bauer, Johann; Sickmann, Albert; Weber, Gerhard; Grosse, Jirka; Infanger, Manfred; Eilles, Christoph; Grimm, Daniela